Chat with Ron Darling

Matt Cerrone mentioned that when he arrived in Port St. Lucie, he spotted Ron Darling next to him while waiting at a traffic light. Matt didn’t gesture or say hello, possibly because Darling would have no idea who he was — particularly at a traffic light.

Well I can say with full confidence that Ron Darling had NO IDEA who I was, nor had he heard of MetsToday, when I brazenly introduced myself to him a few hours earlier that morning at the Tradition Field complex. In fact, he even refused a picture, but graciously offered to sign anything.

His exact words:

“I’ll sign anything, but no pictures, please …”

Good thing I asked … the last thing I want to do is get on Ron’s bad side.

He was nice enough to pretend he cared about my blogging — seriously, he was very polite. FYI his hand felt like a bear paw when I shook it, and I’m a decent-sized guy with big hands myself.

So, sorry folks … no “after” picture of Ron just yet.

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