Where Are They Now: Art Shamsky

Art Shamsky with the New York MetsThanks to MetsToday reader Walnutz, we now know that OF/1B/pingponger/Ironman Jeff Conine is down for the count and is in no shape to un-retire.

We also have news today about another ex-Met — Art Shamsky.

Shamsky, who inspired many of us to grow muttonchop sideburns but is better known as one of the fan favorites of the ’69 Miracle Mets, has joined the staff of Gotham Baseball Magazine as a senior editor.

Also joining the Gotham team is Marty Appel, the longtime Yankee publicist and baseball author.

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  1. Walnutz15 March 12, 2008 at 1:15 pm
    Got a call from my friend over at MLB’s statistical department a little earlier on.

    Supposedly, Coco Crisp for Angel Pagan is in the works….and now, apparently Eddie Coleman is discussing it on WFAN.

    Interesting here….a sell-high on Pagan’s spring?

    Mo Alou out longer than we expect, and the Mets preparing for it?

    Maybe Beltran will be hobbled at some point, and Crisp plays CF?

    So many questions — interesting deal, if it goes through. Personally, I would’ve liked to have seen how Pagan responded to some extended playing time. But Crisp is the more proven option, and sounds like typical Mets.

    We’ll see. Just giving the scoop…

  2. Walnutz15 March 12, 2008 at 1:38 pm
    I hope they flip Crisp + Sosa/Schoeneweis somewhere. That’d be beautiful.
  3. isuzudude March 12, 2008 at 3:19 pm
    Good scoops, W’Nutz. And I agree…I think flipping Crisp (along with an unwanted reliever) to get a bigger and better 1B/OF option would be ideal. And I think from the Mets standpoint, that’s the only way we really come out ahead. I don’t doubt Pagan will have a better season than Crisp in ’08, and will do so willingly coming off the bench, with minor league options, and at a much lower cost. Where exactly would Crisp fit into the lineup? Second? Hmm…now I have to wonder if Omar thinks Castillo’s knees aren’t as ‘cleaned’ as we had hoped. I guess he could also bat 7th, between Church and Schneider in Alou’s absence, but I could also envision Pagan doing fine there, too. The big thing with Crisp, I thought, was that he doesn’t want to platoon or come off the bench for Boston, which is why the Sox are shopping him. But he would just wind up in the same situation with the Mets once Alou is off the DL. I don’t know…acquiring Crisp just seems like too big of a headache. Especially in comparison to just rolling the dice with a hot-hitting, slick-fielding Pagan, and waiting for Alou to come back in May.

    Then again, maybe Omar knows more than we do, realizes Alou may be only good for 50 games this year, and wants Crisp or another proven starter who will take over fulltime LF duties instead of stopgaps like Pagan, Clark, Chavez, or some of the other potential trading candidates (Thames, Rivera, Payton, etc.). And since Crisp is also locked up thru ’09, that makes one less hole to fill for next season when Alou leaves. And even though the cost of getting Crisp might potentially only be Pagan, I still tend to think Omar can find a better player elsewhere.

  4. Walnutz15 March 12, 2008 at 3:33 pm
    And just like that, it was confirmed as bunk.

    Must’ve been floated around — and nothing materialized.

  5. Walnutz15 March 14, 2008 at 8:51 am

    (DO IT….DO IT….DO IT!!!)

    I was just telling a co-worker of mine about Mr. Dykstra’s appearance on HBO Real Sports — but found a more comprehensive take on it here:


    I’m telling you all: look out for the next showing — seems to be on alot this weekend, particularly Sunday and into next week….

    My own personal review: The lisp, weight-gain, and chaw-chewing through the years are quite evident in the way Lenny talks.

    Most interesting part of the segment — that he’s one of the most respected stock gurus, not only in baseball — but in the financial game. And he’s basically rolling in dough….just bought Gretzky’s Mansion for $17MM, sold 3 of his famous car washes for $55MM, and he gives a hilarious take on why he never reads (“Makes you think too much….who needs that?”)

    Best part of the entire piece was hearing about his intensity at the plate….and his “take no prisoners from no one” attitude.

    Nails recounted how he walked up to the plate in 1990, hearing Rick Dempsey “brown-nosing” and laughing it up with the umpire at the time………Nails hated the idea that catchers could kiss arse for calls.

    “I’m out here trying to make a living by playing for REAL money. And here you have these guys laughing it up.”

    This was the origin of the brawl between Dykstra and Dempsey….as they’re laughing, Dykstra says, “What the eff are you two laughing about?”

    He’d just gotten called out on strikes the at-bat before — so this time, he was pissed — and while pointing to the scoreboard (this is during the 1990 season, when Lenny was absolutely on fire) — “Y’see that scoreboard out there, what’s it say? .4-effin’-hundred…and it says .400 for a reason, and that’s because I know what a strike is. And that wasn’t a effing strike.”

    Dempsey gave him a shove, and it was on……..Nails prevailed.

    I love Dykstra even more now — always have.

    Other highlights:

    BERNARD GOLDBERG: “Is it true you once said you don’t read books because they might hurt your batting eye?”

    LENNY DYKSTRA: “Yeah. You got to rest your eyes man, plus it makes you think too much.”

    GOLDBERG: “Reading?”

    DYKSTRA: “Too confusing.”

    GOLDBERG: “Reading?”

    DYKSTRA: “Yeah, I still don’t like to read.”

    GOLDBERG: “And I’m supposed to follow your investing advice?”

    DYKSTRA: “Only if you like money.”


    Pic of Nails pummeling Rick Dempsey: