Got Endy?

Endy Chavez posing for the dairy association

Loyal MetsToday reader “whatdatmean” recently commented,

“Why has Endy not seen any action till yesterday? Are they trying to trade him and don’t want to hurt his stock by playing him? Seems odd to me. He has been Willie’s boy over the years.”

Interesting observation. It’s true — Endy Chavez has not seen much playing time thus far this year (9 at-bats total), which would seem somewhat odd considering the Mets are short a starting outfielder right now (rumor has it, Moises Alou signed on for another year).

However, the emergence of Angel Pagan and hot hitting of Ryan Church has made Endy a spare part. Which begs the question: if Endy’s not playing now, what happens when Alou returns from the DL?

There are many pundits wondering how the Mets are going to take Pagan out of the lineup when (if) Alou is healthy, but the bigger question might be what will happen to Endy?

Assuming Angel continues to do everything, Endy Chavez becomes redundant. Or does he? Strangely enough, with Alou and Ramon Castro back in the fold, the Mets will likely prefer to keep a lefthanded-hitting stick on the bench.

Here’s how the bench looks right now:

Brady Clark (RH)
Damion Easley (RH)
Raul Casanova (SW)
Marlon Anderson (LH)
Endy Chavez (LH)

Here’s how it will look when Alou and Castro return:

Easley (RH)
Castro (R)
Pagan (SW)
Anderson (LH)
Clark (RH) or Chavez (LH)

The way it looks to me, Brady Clark is the odd man out. However, if Ryan Church ever cools off, and Pagan remains solid, the tandem could become platoon partners — in which case Endy could be one lefty bat too many.

My bet is on Endy sticking — though if it turns out Pagan is for real, the Mets might consider moving Chavez in the right deal.

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  1. Micalpalyn April 18, 2008 at 4:32 pm

    but no Love for me? I actually thought chavez might go to Minn in the Santana deal (remember) as insurance for Gomez (who does not look like he needs it).

    I think Pagan’s defense elevates his status as does his versatility. I think Endy is a great role player and as such has value to a team needing; OF versatility, veteran presence, a LH late innings stick and a guy who is affordable.

    Also Pagan CAN be demoted. I HOPE that this 2008 version of Willie sees the value in rotating Pagan into the lineup. Certainly CB could sit once a week, Church once and Moises twice giving Pagan 4 opportunities to play. Plus Pagan can sub late for moises.

    Ryan Church looks like a find right now. In fact Omar’s off season as much as YOU whined about it Joe looks mahvelous: Santana, Pagan, Casanova, Figgy, Church, Schneider- Only Matt wise looks like a possible negative.

    Oh By the way- Who was the Nat that gave up the passed ball last night?

  2. sincekindergarten April 19, 2008 at 10:18 am
    Maybe John Lannan, Mic?
  3. joe April 19, 2008 at 2:06 pm
    While it’s true Pagan can be demoted, I don’t see that happening if he keeps up his performance.