Mets Induct Lasorda and Other Oddities

Did you know that the Mets are the keepers of the Brooklyn Dodgers Hall of Fame? Me neither, but thanks to Metstradamus I also know that Tommy Lasorda was inducted into it this past Sunday.

Matt Cerrone likes the cream-colored shirts that the Mets were wearing this weekend. I don’t — to me they’re similar to the color of the Padres unis, always looking dirty or somehow “off” — but I would welcome them for no reason other than the Brooklyn Dodgers never wore cream, and anything that can be done to distance the Mets from the Dodgers is to me a step in the right direction.

We finally get an inkling on Jerry Manuel’s true thoughts on Ryan Church (i.e., he doesn’t think he’s very tough). Hat tip to Kranepool Society, which also reminds us that as bad as the Mets are playing, a winter without baseball is worse.

MetsPolice has a gripe about the Mets’ decision to slash ticket prices.

Finally, Josh Alper of NBC New York thinks a decision on Jerry Manuel’s future should be made right now.

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  1. isuzudude August 20, 2009 at 11:41 am
    As predicted, the media that was so ga-ga over Jerry Manuel when he gangstered the Mets back into contention last year, and praised him for spewing nonsense and cliches this spring training, is the same media now wondering (and in some cases rooting) for Manuel to get booted from the Mets’ managerial office. No crystal ball needed for this premonition as this was the easiest baseball-related prediction to make other than finding Barry Bonds guilty of steroids use. Manuel shows blatant favoritism within his own clubhouse, uses backwards logic to explain is quirky in-game decisions, moans and groans about his own plight of having a lack of talent to work with rather than trying to work harder and squeeze the best results he can from the roster he’s given, and contradicts himself constantly when he goes against his own mantras that were set in the spring. And whereas the media extolled Manuel last year while lambasting Willie Randolph, in hindsight we can all see very clearly now that the two are eerily similar in their managerial skillset. So not only is it time to relieve Manuel of his duties, but it’s also time to call out the media for being hypocritical and for blowing whichever way the wind is headed.