Satin Sheets and a Lullaby

Josh Satin was recently listed as a “prospect” by both John Sickels and Mack’s Mets, so Mike Newman of ScoutingTheSally posted his personal evaluation of Satin — and it’s pretty negative. At first I wondered why anyone would ever consider a 25-year-old utilityman who has yet to play above A ball a “prospect”, then I felt a rush of cold run through my belly because the Mets’ farm system is so weak that a 25-year-old utilityman who has yet to play above A-ball qualifies as a “prospect”. Scary. But then, this is the same organization (and fan base) that believes the light-hitting, defensive-challenged Josh Thole will be ready to catch full-time by 2011.

The Broad Street Scoop reports that the Phillies are kicking the tires on Ben Sheets and Chien-Ming Wang. Lovely … can you imagine a Philly rotation that starts with Roy Halladay, Ben Sheets, and Cole Hamels? Just shoot me.

Meantime the Mets are most interested in filling the starting rotation with the most recent Dave Duncan inspired comeback story, Joel Pineiro. Does no one remember Jeff Weaver?

TheRopolitans found this catchy tune sung by two Braves fans, titled, “I Hate the Mets Most”. I hate you, too (even if you are talented, croon a nice harmony, and have a better team to watch next summer).

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  1. isuzudude January 11, 2010 at 5:11 pm
    The guy on the right kinda looks like David Wright. He plays a pretty mean guitar, too.

    But gee whiz, guys, shouldn’t you hate the Phillies the most? I mean, I could understand it more if we were still in the late 90s, or even if it were 4 years ago. But the Phillies are the powerhouse of the division now, while the Mets are a joke. What’s to hate about a bottom feeding, choke artist of a franchise like the Mets? I think these two country boys would be angrier if the Mets managed to win just one game all season against the Braves than if the Phillies beat the Braves by 10 in every one of their matchups. Get your priorities straight!

  2. Timo January 11, 2010 at 5:58 pm
    Joe, don’t forget about Jeff Suppan who pitched for the Cards. Suppan signed a four-year, $42 million contract with the Milwaukee Brewers in 2006. Look what he’s done in Milwaukee….nothing! I really don’t like Joel Pinero. We should throw a flyer at Wang and Sheets because they have great upside. Joel is at the top of his upside. Plus, we only give a 1 or 2 year deal instead of a 4 year deal and get stuck with a crappy pitcher. Ollie Perez ring a bell? 36 million dollar bust! They should try and fill their needs with upside talent…they have the moeny to burn.