Mets Game 58: Win Over Padres

Mets 2 Padres 1

Nine is fine.

For the second time this season, the Mets won their ninth game in a row at home. Clearly, they are more comfortable playing at The Field at Shea Bridge than anywhere else.

Game Notes

Mike Pelfrey stepped up and pitched nine full innings — that’s a complete game if there aren’t extra innings — and allowed one measly run on five hits and no walks, striking out six. Granted, it’s the Padres — one of the weakest offensive teams in baseball. But it’s still an MLB club, and Big Pelf was magnificent. He is finally becoming the ace-like stud we envisioned ever since he was drafted in the first round of 2005.

As if from a storybook written for Mets fans who love homegrown talent, Pelfrey’s outstanding moundwork was suppored by the firepower of fellow farmhands Ike Davis and Jose Reyes — each of whom hit a solo homer to provide all the Mets’ runs in the contest. Reyes’ shot tied the game one-all in the seventh, and Ike’s blast in the eleventh frame was his first career walkoff homer.

By facing — and striking out — one batter in the top of the 11th, Elmer Dessens earned his first MLB win since August 26, 2007.

Seems like every day we mention Angel Pagan. He had another two hits in this game and another stolen base (his 11th).

David Wright also had two hits, including a double. Did you know that Wright is 15-for-29 (.517) over his last eight games? That’s not just hot, that’s Francoeur-hot.

Speaking of, Jeff Francoeur had only one hit, but it extended his hitting streak to 11 games.

The Mets (0-8) and Padres (0-9) combined to go 0-for-17 with runners in scoring position.

Next Mets Game

The Mets and Padres do it again at 7:10 PM on Wednesday night. Johan Santana faces Mat Latos.

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  1. isuzudude June 9, 2010 at 10:39 am
    There was some fool on a competitor blog who opined that the Mets should be in the market as the trade deadline approaches for a power hitting first baseman to take over for Davis down the stretch in preparation of him hitting the "rookie wall." After watching last night's victory, is that not the dumbest idea to have been shared this season?

    And I don't know how the heck Elmer Dessens keeps getting outs, but here's hoping he just keeps finding a way!

  2. MikeTomaselli June 9, 2010 at 1:45 pm
    That is the dumbest idea. Ike is more than just a cleanup hitter right now, he is a cleanup hitter for hopefully the next 8 years or more. I don't know what his ceiling is, but how can anybody think of taking him out of the lineup. The fans love him. that alone is enough for the Mets to keep him. He even attributed the fans as being why the Mets play so well at home. Mostly BS but exactly what you say in that situation (being on the mic with Kevin Burkheardt after the game).

    Pelfrey probably could have pitched the tenth. I would have loved to see that. We still wouldn't have won, but man that would have been cool.

    Still waiting for gary s to complain about "Citicavern lolololol." He won't because he can't. I've always maintained there is nothing wrong with the dimensions of that park. That the Mets are winning there is proving to me that it was a smart decision to make it so big.

    Wright's error made me cringe because if they lost because of that play all the DWright isn't clutch talk would have been all over the blogosphere. It's too bad he made a rushed throw, but that's his only blemish all week. Guy makes one mistake all week and people will crucify him. No mention of his lack of Ks the past week, or his otherwise stellar defense.

    Keep it going Wright, and Mets.

  3. gary s. June 9, 2010 at 10:10 pm
    the game would have been over the inning before if not for the idiotic dimensions in citicavern.pagan's triple would have been a home run in any park except for yellowstone.we happen to play in yellowstone.also reyes hit that replayed home run on the screws and it just barely made it out because of the great wall of the way, did u see the article about the twin's home and away splits when they won the world series a few years ago.very similar numbers to ours and the metrodome was a bandbox.good teams should win a good percentage of their games at home.good owners don't build stadiums to ruin their best player (david wright).You have no way of proving that the dimensions at home are why they are why they are winning.
  4. MikeTomaselli June 9, 2010 at 11:16 pm
    Wow gary, you are so naive you don't even realize you just argued against yourself. What happened in the first inning? Adrian Gonzalez hit a ball off the wall near the top to left field. Similar spot to Reyes' HR. It would have put the Padres up 2 and with the way the Mets hit they would not have won that game down 2. Once you say one guy's hit would have been a HR you have to say they all would. I much prefer a pitching staff with confidence because they are not giving up HRs than an offense that hits 2-3 HRs a game and the pitchers are exposed due to too many HRs. Pitching is winning. Last year all that was proven is that bad pitching, defense and fundamentals will lose you a ton of games no matter where you play.

    Wright is clearly over the Citi Cavern (LOLOLOLOL that's so funny, btw) blues and playing well, hitting HRs and the Mets are winning. I see no problems with Citi. I also like the idea that pitchers see how nice the dimensions are and would want to come here to pitch. Like say Cliff Lee.

    From yesterday:

    " The dimensions of Citi Field — 335 feet to left field, 379 feet to left-center, 408 feet to center, 383 feet to right-center and 330 feet to right — help explain why the Mets' pitching staff has an ERA of 2.77 at home, compared to a 5.18 ERA on the road. According to Bay, the Mets' familiarity with their new, pitcher-friendly park also helps explain why they have fared so well at home.

    "It's a big ballpark," he said. "Everybody knows that. Because of that, there's a lot of room for hits out there. There's a lot of grass. It's a lot tougher when you come in just for three games as a visiting team and try to get used to it. By the time you do, you're leaving." "

    This is exactly what the Mets had in mind when building Citi. Not "lets gimp David Wright." He and the rest of the offense needed to get over it and now they have.

  5. isuzudude June 9, 2010 at 11:34 pm
    Was gary's post removed? I don't see it.
  6. MikeTomaselli June 9, 2010 at 11:37 pm
    Maybe, I guess I'm the one arguing with myself :-/

    It showed up in an email, so maybe he removed it? Still I like my argument, with or without his comments it's clear he was bashing Citi and I was defending it. His argument was that Pagan's Triple should have been a HR and I'm saying that is ridiculous because then Gonzalez's double would have been too.

  7. gary s. June 10, 2010 at 4:43 am
    u kind of forgot to mention the 415 distance in right center.if they moved that fence in 30 feet and got rid of the double wall in left center, the park would play fair imho and david wright would get a fair shake in HIS HOME PARK.basically we disagree.i'm not trying to be funny in my comments.just stating the the way. did u know that the wilpon's field of dreams, ebbets field, was a bandbox.and yet the dodgers had great teams there in the fifties.i like the home run.i guess u prefer 2-1 games.can't please everyone i guess.