Pagan Is Not Trade Bait (Yet)

I know I was a little rough on Omar Minaya yesterday, but this qualifies as good news and Omar deserves some credit:

Several senior Mets officials said that because of the uncertainty surrounding Carlos Beltran’s health, the team does not have the luxury of trading Pagan, who has greatly enhanced his value with a strong season subbing for Beltran in center field. (NY Daily News)

The only caveat here is that the same team officials also say that Pagan could become expendable if Beltran plays well upon his return. But still, it’s good to know Pagan might have a future in Queens. Hopefully, that future doesn’t come at the expense of Carlos Beltran’s health.


  1. marco June 25, 2010 at 10:02 pm
    dont trade him unless they give up cliff lee if not we need depth anyway he can sub for bay beltran and francoure