Blog Roundup: Elegy for the Outfielder Edition

On Thursday, Carlos Beltran played his final home game before the trade deadline, prompting many a reaction among the Mets faithful.  For many, it is a foregone conclusion that his days as a Met are winding down. 

Meanwhile, David Wright returns from the disabled list tonight, effectively re-forming the Fab 3 from the “New Mets Era” for one more time.  No word on a rooftop concert, though.

  • Amazin’ Avenue leads off with a headline that, loosely translated, means “Carlos Beltran is Awesome Despite the Mole.”
  • RustyJr at Real Dirty Mets shares his bittersweet experience at Wednesday’s game.
  • Faith and Fear in Flushing looks at the roller coaster ride that was Beltran’s Mets tenure.
  • Metsradamus compares Wednesday’s game to a plate of gravy fries.
  • Daily Stache thinks Beltran may be the best outfielder in Mets history.
  • Midwestropolitan is bored with the Mets right now.  Maybe some sort of trade could liven things up…

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