Mets Sign Michael Fulmer

Remember when the Mets allowed Pedro Feliciano to move crosstown to the Bronx as a free agent? Well, in return for losing the LOOGY, the Mets received a supplemental pick after the first round of the draft this past June, and they used it to draft high school pitcher Michael Fulmer. According to Baseball America, Fulmer has signed with the Mets for a little under a million dollars — $937,500 to be exact.

Fulmer is 6’2″, 200 pounds, righthanded, and reportedly throws in the mid-90s. I haven’t seen much of him other than the few videos around the internet so can’t comment. You can see for yourself in this youTube video:

Here’s an interview with Fulmer by a local TV station after a big game:

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  1. Timo July 25, 2011 at 10:02 am
    Glad he signed. Whether he does something or not, AT LEAST we tried to improve our team for the future. We could have signed Pedro Feliciano for the 2-year $8 million dollar contract like the Yanks, lose him for the season and eat his salary. We had 2 players already who did that this year ($18 million – Ollie & Luis).
    We need to think on the same wave-length with our other free-agents. Also, the Mets just picked up off waivers another ex-padre outfielder (Mike Baxter). Our team will be the Padres of the east. I don’t mind that if the Mets perform like the Padres the past couple years. 🙂
  2. Steve S. July 25, 2011 at 10:12 am
    Fulmer is a nice pickup—possibly a future #2 starter. His FB is 92-95 and he’s got a good, big-breaking CB as well. His third pitch is a CU, which I’ve heard is developing. His command is pretty good, too.

    Not too bad an acquisition for Feliciano! Alderson knew what he was doing when he passed on Feliciano and Takahashi at 2 years and $16m. for both—replacing them with Byrdak and Carrasco. It looked like a good move at the time—and still does.

    Glad the Mets are going overslot to sign a number of draftees.