Time for Dillon Gee To Make Adjustments?

In the game recap of his last start, I suggested that opposing teams may have developed an accurate scouting report on Dillon Gee. When he faces the Diamondbacks hitters tonight, it will be the second time they’ve seen him.

Will that be an advantage for Arizona?

It’s possible, and if so, it means it’s time for Gee to make adjustments. It also means that what we saw in the first half of the season was not necessarily a true picture of what we can expect from Gee going forward. At the same time, what we’re seeing right now is not necessarily a true picture, either.

Rather, we need to see how Gee reacts to the following:

- Comprehensive scouting reports on his tendencies, strengths, and weaknesses — which are being used against him

- Familiarity on the part of hitters, who have seen Gee before and are making adjustments to him

- The “dog days of summer”; i.e., the grueling, last leg of the season

Gee has only faced the Diamondbacks once before, so the familiarity issue may not be as significant as the scouting reports.

His next start after Arizona is most likely to be against San Diego, one of the teams he hasn’t yet faced, so he’ll still have somewhat of an element of mystery on his side. After that, though, the rest of his starts will be against teams he’s seen at least once before.

What do you think? Will Gee pitch better against teams he’s seen before, or will familiarity be an advantage for the hitters instead? Do you think the length of the MLB season will wear him down? Post your thoughts in the comments.

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