Blog Roundup: Walls of Citi Edition

The blogosphere is abuzz about a single sentence uttered by Sandy Alderson on Tuesday night’s SNY broadcast.  “If we make changes, they’re not likely to be subtle,” Alderson said about changing the outfield wall dimensions.

And the Blogs can’t contain themselves (or hold back on the Ronald Reagan references):

  • TedQuarters wonders how new dimensions would change the team’s strategy.
  • Real Dirty Mets looks at how new dimensions would affect the pitching staff as well as the lineup.
  • Metszilla is opposed to tearing down that wall.
  • Metsmerized is more concerned with building a pitching staff than a new outfield wall.
  • Rising Apple illustrates that there is more to Lucas Duda than just raw power.
  • Amazin’ Stories talks about the persistence of Jason Bay.

Keep checking out Mets Today for more talk about walls (and the Mets).

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