Sonnanstine and Corpas Off the Table

The Chicago Cubs have signed free agent pitchers Andy Sonnanstine and Manny Corpas to minor league contracts, inviting both to spring training.

While I don’t believe either of them would have turned the Mets into a contender, I’m mildly surprised that neither wound up with an invitation to Port St. Lucie. To me they seemed to fit into the low-risk, low-cost, low- to medium-reward strategy that the Mets appear to be using in their scale-down phase of history.

As we discussed a few weeks back, the Mets are in dire need of starting rotation depth, and Sonnanstine was one of the lowest-cost options available. He’s no Greg Maddux, but Sonnanstine does have experience and could have been helpful either stashed in AAA or slotted as a long man / spot starter. Who knows, with a good spring and a few breaks he might even have taken the #5 spot. I think a move to the NL will help the righthander, particularly in the first half of the season during his first go-around the league.

As for Corpas, he’s never been a starter but he has had success as a reliever — including both as a setup man and a closer. He missed all of 2011 after Tommy John surgery and by all reports is back to nearly 100% health. Before his injury, Corpas threw a heavy 91-93 MPH sinker, wicked slider, and a decent change-up; he was more of a groundball guy but did get some swings and misses with the slider. In his career, Corpas has had his ups and downs — more downs than ups, actually — but again, he would have come cheap, he has some experience, and he would have provided the Mets depth in a place where they need some (the bullpen). Though, maybe Sandy Alderson has chosen to scrap the “sign pitchers coming off surgery” strategy since it wasn’t too productive last winter.

What’s your thought? Would you have liked to have seen the Mets sign either of these pitchers? Who else is left on the market that the Mets should consider — and can afford?

(And for those who say “ho-hum, why is this news?”, I beg you to offer me a more interesting subject to write about that is at least loosely connected to the Mets — cuz I’m running out of ideas in this cold dark winter of discontent.)

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