Blog Roundup: Fast Start

The 2012 Mets have gotten out of the gate with 7 wins in their first 10 games.  This is the fourth best start in their history –  the 1972, 1985, and 2006  teams went 8-2 in their first 10 games.  They continue on with game two of their series in Atlanta tonight.

Blog reaction:

  • Rich Coutinho says the Mets’ fast start is due to their surprisingly effective starting rotation.
  • Real Dirty thinks the Mets’ plan to show a video tribute to Jose Reyes when the Marlins are in town next week goes a little too far.
  • Adam Rubin has a photo of the scoreboard at Citi…is that..are those…sabermetrics?
  • Bleacher Report thinks 5 Mets will continue their early season success all year.
  • Metstradamus doesn’t believe that was really Jason Bay out there last night, but rather a Tupacesque hologram of 2009 Jason Bay.
  • Daily Stache wonders if it’s cruel to dress up a dog in a Mets jersey and force him to panhandle outside Citi Field.

The DOG days aren’t here yet, but Mets Today can HANDLE any news and analysis, even if we get PANned.

(I really apologize for that last sentence…)

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