Mets Game 151: Win Over Marlins

Mets 4 Marlins 3

Since this game was not broadcast on a television station I could watch, and I couldn’t attend the game in person, I’m taking for granted that Howie Rose and all the tweeters weren’t lying when they said the Mets won.

Mets Game Notes

Hard to comment on something I didn’t see, but will offer notes based on what I heard.

First, I have no idea why R.A. Dickey was removed after eight spectacular innings. He was in a bit of a fix in the ninth, I get it, but personally, I trust R.A. more than any other Mets pitcher to work out of that mess.

Laughably, Jon Rauch “earned” a save for giving up a three-run homer and nearly obliterating R.A.’s 19th victory. Though, the drama he provided was entertaining, so there’s that.

Two outfielders who have zero bearing on the Mets future — immediate and long-term included — led the way with homers. Scott Hairston blasted his 19th, a solo shot, and Jason Bay hit his 8th, a two-run bomb. I’m happy for Bay and mildly surprised he has as many as eight homers this year. He’s still stuck on a .155 batting average and I’m convinced there’s something about baseball math that prevents it from going any lower.

Lucas Duda started at first base and walked twice before handing over the reins to Ike Davis. Duda was removed from Friday night’s game for not hustling on a pop up. Shouldn’t he have sat, or at least, not started, this game? I wonder if getting Duda reps is more important to upper management than establishing a winning culture. Maybe they figure the roster is getting blown up over the winter anyway, so who cares?

From what it sounded like, this was a more crisply played game than Friday’s opener, though, it still felt like the type of win where the Mets simply weren’t as bad as their opponent. The Mets were 0-for-8 with RISP.

If you saw this game and have further details, please share them in the comments section. Thank you.

For those who care, my dog made it through another day, seems to be improving, and if all continues the way it’s going, she may come home eventually.

Next Mets Game

The final game of this series will begin at 1:10 p.m. on Sunday afternoon, with Chris Young going to the mound against Ricky Nolasco. It will be broadcast on WPIX, so once again I won’t be able to see anything happening. Though, maybe I could drive 3-4 hours, out of the “blackout restriction” area imposed by, and watch the game on my laptop at a Starbucks. And before you say “sports bar,” remember tomorrow is NFL Sunday and the Mets are irrelevant — there is no way it will be on one of the big screens.

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