Would You Trade R.A. Dickey to the Yankees?

In today’s episode of “Would You …?” we consider the unthinkable: trading a fan favorite and Cy Young Award winner to that despicable club on the other side of town. Would that be a nightmare or what?

After nearly being eliminated in the playoffs by the pesky Orioles, seeing the Blue Jays acquire three-quarters of the Miami Marlins, knowing the Red Sox are reloading, and aware that the Rays are always lurking, I have to think that the Yankees are a wee bit concerned about upgrading their roster — particularly their starting pitching. It’s not a winter if the Yanks don’t make a big move, and couldn’t you see them making a splash as large as acquiring R.A. Dickey?

Think about it: the Yankees are trying hard to stay under budget and avoid the new luxury tax, but they could really use a consistent “second ace” to C.C. Sabathia. Wouldn’t the inexpensive Dickey be a perfect fit?

I don’t know if the Bronx Bombers have the right pieces to pry R.A. out of Flushing. I can hear a Yankee fan calling talk radio now; it would go something like this:

Caller: “Hey Mike, first time, long time. Hows about we give da Mets, uh, Francisco Cervelli — cuz ya know dey need a catcha — and, uh, Swisha, fer da knuckleball guy.”

Mike: “I don’t think dats gonna do it. And Swisha, he’s a free agent. You’re gonna hafta give da Mets a pitcha.”

Caller: “Oh right. Well uh, whaddabout Jobba? Oh no, wait, maybe Hews.”

Mike: “I think da convasashun’s gotta start wit Gawdna, the Mets need a centafielda. And den ya talkin Betansisss.”

Caller: “Oh man, I dunno Mike, I like Gawdna.”

Mike: “Hey, ya gotta give sumtin ta get sumtin”

Caller: “Whaddabout Montero?”

Mike: “Ya traded him last yeeeah! Fuggedabout dis guy, next calla!”

In all seriousness, I’m not up to date on the Yankees’ up-and-coming prospects, other than what I read in Baseball America, so again, I have no idea if they have anything the Mets might want. They do seem to have an abundance of athletic outfielders in their system, which is something the Mets could use.

What do you think? Would you trade R.A. to the Yankees, and if so, for what players in return? Or, even if the Yankees put together a tremendous package that was the foundation of a long-term Mets dynasty, would you say no because it be too difficult to see R.A. in pinstripes? On the flip side, would you consider sending R.A. to the Bronx because you feel he deserves a shot at a championship, and the Yankees might be his best chance? And finally, consider that if R.A. remains in New York, you would still have the opportunity to see him pitch “in the flesh.”

Anxious to see your thoughts in the comments.

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