Future Fish: Jordany Valdespin

Jordany Valdespin wearing Miami Marlins baseball capA few months ago, Jordany Valdespin caught some flack for posting a photo of himself wearing a Marlins cap on Twitter.

Upon arriving in Port St. Lucie, ‘spin has explained away the situation, throwing his cousin under the bus.

I have one question for Jordany:

Why were you wearing the Marlins cap in the first place?

His explanation doesn’t quite answer that question, does it? Here it is:

“Things happen,” Valdespin said. “My cousin put that picture over here. I don’t have any information about that. When I see that picture, everything happened, and I said, ‘What the f—?’ But I had a big problem with my family about that. So that’s not my fault.”

No, Jordany, it’s not your fault. How could it be your fault? You weren’t the one taking the picture, nor the one tweeting it. You were an innocent victim, simply WEARING the Marlins cap.

Hey, it’s a free country — even for people who are not American. Jordany Valdespin can wear any cap he wants. But, if he wears the baseball cap of a MLB club that isn’t the Mets, he should know he’s going to catch hell from the fans — regardless of whether he posts it on Twitter himself, a relative does it, or a complete stranger snaps a photo and puts it on their Facebook page.

In other Valdespin news, the young star-in-the-making is open to playing both the outfield and the infield. His quote:

“I can play both. Second and the outfield is better for me because I’m a young guy, [have] a young career,” Valdespin said. “If I can play both places, it’s better for me. It’s a better chance to stay on the team.”

It would’ve been nice to hear “I can play wherever the team needs me. Either position is fine, whatever it takes to help the team win.” But, I guess he hasn’t yet had “the talk” with one of the veteran players on the team bus. Well Jordany, if you’re here, grab a pencil and paper, and please watch the below.

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