Mets Game 53: Loss To Marlins

Marlins 8 Mets 1

Marlins win only their second series of the year. The other one also was against the Mets.

Mets Game Notes

The Marlins really have the Mets’ number. One-third of their victories are against the Mets, their only two series wins are against the Mets, and they are hitting over .300 against Mets pitching.

Collin McHugh works quickly, throws strikes (for the most part), and has a big, loopy, 12-6 curve. Unfortunately, he doesn’t fool anyone — it looks like the hitters can see the ball very well and are able to recognize his pitches immediately out of his hand (if not sooner; maybe he’s tipping his pitches?). McHugh was finished after four innings; he allowed four runs on six hits and three walks.

Jose Fernandez was impressive again vs. the Mets — he looks like the real deal, and not just because he was facing a feeble Mets lineup. Not the real deal in the same, dominating way Matt Harvey is the real deal, but close. He has a pretty clean motion, works quickly, pounds a 94-97 MPH in all four quadrants of the strike zone, and mixes in a nasty, plus curveball.

Marcell Ozuna is an exciting young player. He reminds me, a little, of a young Vladimir Guerrero or a righthanded Dave Parker, with his overall athleticism, strong arm, above-average speed, wicked bat speed, and all-out, passionate play. I don’t think he’ll ever hit for the high averages Vlad or Cobra used to, but he looks like he’ll be a future All-Star. I think what I like best about him is he looks like he’s having a great time playing — redolent of Jose Reyes‘ infectious enthusiasm.

Robert Carson picked off Ozuna with a slick, snap throw from off the rubber. Why that move worked was that in addition to Carson’s execution, Ike Davis was playing a few steps off the bag. When the first baseman is not holding the runner in typical fashion — i.e., with his right foot affixed to the bag, showing his glove as a target — the baserunner tends to be more relaxed and not expecting the pitcher to throw over. Kids and coaches, learn from this, from both sides. Use it to your advantage and don’t get caught napping!

Daniel Murphy made a few no-so-noticeable mistakes in the field, then made a very noticeable one in the 7th, dropping a throw from John Buck that allowed Juan Pierre to reach safely and spark a four-run rally that put the game away for the Fish.

Greg Burke needs to work on his mechanics again; his arm angle has moved back up to more sidearm and less submarine. It’s funny that the overhand pitchers struggle to keep their arms at a high angle, and the submariners have trouble keeping their arms low — right?

Next Mets Game

The final game of the series begins at 1:10 p.m. on Sunday afternoon. Matt Harvey takes the hill against Kevin Slowey.

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  1. AC Wayne June 2, 2013 at 12:00 am
    I know this may be a little off-topic however it may fit right into how pathetic the Mets offense has performed this season. Jason Bay hit 2 HRs today for Seattle and his .822 OPS is higher than any current Mets players other than David Wright. Just wanted to throw that out there.

    Saw a great tweet today by Mike Puma of the NY Post, “Mets look hopeless against a bad team, now they know how the Yankees felt this week.”

  2. Izzy June 2, 2013 at 6:57 am
    As bad as the team play it was way overmatched by the absolutely embarrassing managing job by the clown I formerly called Collins. To do a lefty righty switch to give a has been like Byrd an extra AB instead of giving Valdespin an AB vs a lefty totally sucked. It was 8-0 Collins. That was biggest useless clown move made by a zombie manager ever. I tried to defend said clown. But this was last straw. Him Loseron Crookpon all need to go.
  3. Dan B June 2, 2013 at 9:55 am
    Hey Wayne, Bay is only making $1 million/year. Makes you think he would fit the Mets financially if they trade for him. On a serious note, ever wonder why the Mets didn’t just cut Bay? By renegotiating, it cost the Mets an extra couple million AND it adds money to the payroll in 2014 and 2015 when the Mets need financial flexibility. Reading between the lines, makes me think the Mets are still worried about lowering costs for 2014 to help pay off their large refinance that they still owe. Why should fans care? Because it could mean less money will be spent next year then we hope and the “rebuilding” won’t really start until 2015. Wright’s new contract fits this scenario also. Get ready for Punt-ville 2014!,