Mets Game 150: Loss To Giants

Giants 8 Mets 5

Four hours for that? Really?

Mets Game Notes

Tough outing for Zack Wheeler, who struggled mightily with his command, especially in the second inning. In that second frame, he walked Yusmeiro Petit — a terrible, terrible hitting pitcher — with the bases loaded to force in the first run of the ballgame. Hey, it happens — and at least it happened in a meaningless September game. However, the Giants scored only two more runs that inning, a testament to the ineffectiveness of their offense this year. That was their chance to step on Wheeler’s throat and push him out of the contest, but instead, the opportunity was mostly squandered.

Petit, meanwhile found a way to limit the Mets to “only” four runs in his six innings of work. I say “only” because he looked like he was throwing batting practice: not-so-fast, fairly straight fastballs over the middle of the plate that sat between waist and chest level. How he nearly threw a perfect game in his previous start is a mystery — maybe, like Wheeler, he simply had an off night.

Petit’s bid for a no-hitter was broken up by Eric Young, Jr.’s leadoff single in the first frame.

It took an excellent at-bat by Buster Posey for the Giants to tie the game 4-4 in the fifth. Zack Wheeler threw the best three pitches he could throw to Posey, getting ahead 1-2. On pitch four, Wheeler threw another near-perfect pitch, but Posey shortened his swing considerably, dropping the bat head as late as possible to simply get the barrel on the top-half of the ball, bouncing a grounder to second base to score the tying run. Unbelievably, Keith Hernandez took issue with Posey’s “defensive swing,” suggesting that Posey should be hitting the ball with more authority. Really Keith? Shame on you, especially as an old-school guy. Back in the day, hitters were taught to choke up, crowd the plate, and take a short swing with two strikes — but especially with two strikes and runner on third. Further, the “defensive” swing Posey took on that pitch is exactly the same swing we see Keith’s love child Daniel Murphy take 80% of the time, regardless of count and situation. Never once have I heard Keith criticize Murphy’s half-swings.

Former Met Angel Pagan reached base five times in five plate appearances, was a double short of a cycle, scored twice, and drove in three to supply most of San Franciso’s offense.

It was bad enough to see mostly empty seats in the Field At Shea Bridge, but to add insult to vacancy, the few fans at the park were very loud and enthusiast Giants fans — San Francisco Giant fans (not to be confused with the people who root for the football team in New Jersey).

Surprisingly to me, Jerry Seinfeld wasn’t annoying in the booth, and did a decent job of keeping the conversation lively. But if I ever hear him on WFAN with Thteve Thomers again, I’m changing the channel as quickly as possible, lest I drive straight into a brick wall to ease the pain.

What’s with Brandon Crawford making errors against the Mets? He also messed up a rundown. Must be something about the orange in the Mets uniforms.

Jeurys Familia made his first MLB appearance since elbow surgery in June. It looked like he might have made an adjustment or two to his mechanics, though my memory of his motion isn’t perfect. Was he a bit more upright and straight to the plate than before surgery?

Next Mets Game

The Mets and Giants do it again on Wednesday night at 7:10 PM. Aaron Harang takes the hill against Matt Cain.

Mets Item of the Day

The autumn weather is here, folks — time to invest in a warm hoodie. How about this New York Mets Full-Zip Hooded Fleece Jacket?

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  1. TexasGusCC September 17, 2013 at 11:50 pm
    I didn’t watch after the walk filled top of the second, but Murphy being in the same situation, didn’t even look to drive the ball but rather popped to SS on a 1-1 pitch. That’s why I say Murphy needs a strength program to drive the ball to right field, rather than hitting most balls to left of second, and sometimes without authority. I didn’t have sound so I don’t know if GKR said anything.
    • TexasGusCC September 17, 2013 at 11:52 pm
      To clarify, it was the bottom of the first, Young was on third with one out, and Murphy was hitting.
  2. DanB September 18, 2013 at 9:51 am
    If Harvey doesn’t do the surgery now, how does this effect the Met’s approach to signing him long term? Do they buy out his arbitration years knowing he will likely miss a year eventually or do they wait until he is free agent elegible? Keep your eye on this.