Archive: May 1st, 2006

Game 25: Win

Mets 2 Nationals 1

Looking at the final score, who would have believed that Victor Zambrano was the starting pitcher, and went six innings in the victory?

As it turned out, he left the game with the score tied 1-1, and thus wasn’t credited with the win. However, it was a personal win for Dr. Jekyll.

The Mets’ Crisco squad was perfect again, as Pedro Feliciano, Duaner Sanchez, and Billy the Kid mowed down the last three innings. Mr. Willie made an interesting move, bringing in Wagner with the score still tied 1-1, after Sanchez pitched another lights-out inning and only threw ten pitches (eight for strikes). Personally, I would have left Sanchez in for the ninth, especially with 8-9-1 coming up for the Mets in the bottom of the inning. However, Willie went with Wagner, and we won … so I can’t be too critical.

An even more interesting managerial move was Frank Robinson’s leaving middle reliever Gary Majewski in the game after he gave up a walk to Julio Franco and an 0-2 single to Jose Reyes to start the ninth. Closer Chad Cordero was warming up and ready in the bullpen, and hadn’t pitched in a game since April 28th. Majewski proceeded to induce a perfect double-play grounder back through the box, but instead of taking his time, Majewski rushed the throw to second base, where both the shortstop and second baseman were covering, and the ball sailed over both their heads and into centerfield, allowing pinch runner Endy Chavez to score easily. Had Majewski thrown a strike to second base to start the DP, I wonder if third-base coach Manny Acta would have sent the speedy Chavez home while the Nats relayed the throw to first. Running full speed at the crack of the bat, Chavez just might have been able to beat the throw home.

As it was, it didn’t matter. Once again, the Mets did what they are supposed to do, which is beat up on the weaker teams. Hopefully they can do it by a larger margin in Game 26.


Game 24: Loss

Braves 8 Mets 5

Oh well, so much for the sweep. At least we got two out of three.

Trax was godawful, doing his best imitation of Victor Zambrano, who was the scheduled starter. Perhaps the problem was that the persnickety Trachsel was supposed to pitch on Monday, following VZam. Or maybe the mound was too dusty. Or the balls were too warm.

Even with Trachsel’s awful outing — one in which he couldn’t get through the fourth inning — Los Metros Nuevos still had a good shot to win the game and sweep the Braves. They fought back to within three with a run in the sixth and a nearly devasting rally in the eighth, and threatened again in the ninth. One thing about the 2006 Mets: they don’t die easily.

In addition to the fight they showed in the last four innings of this loss, the Mets also had a few other positives: three walks by Jose Reyes, a return and homerun by Carlos Beltran, and a 2-for-5 game by Cliff Floyd.

I’ll take two out of three from the Braves for the rest of the year.


Game 23: Win

Mets 1 Braves 0

In his years with the Mets, Tom Glavine has occasionally pitched below his capability, but mostly pitched at or near his capability. Unfortunately, he’s often been struck with awful luck and poor run support. It seems that sometimes he needs to throw a perfect game in order to win.

In game 23, he almost did. Glavine was nearly perfect, throwing seven shutout innings against his former team, yielding just four hits and a walk. If Tommy and Pedro continue to both pitch like aces, the Mets might be able to withstand Trachsel and Zambrano in the rotation.

With Glavine, Heilman, and Wagner pitching lights out, all the Mets needed was one run. They got it on a solo homer from Paul LoDuca, who is quickly establishing himself as one of the team leaders.

For the first time in over 25 years, the Mets have a chance to sweep the Braves with a win in Game 24.


Game 22: Win

Mets 5 Braves 2

This story is getting old: Pedro Martinez throws a masterpiece, David Wright hits a couple homeruns, Billy Wagner comes in to save the game.

I like old stories.

The best part of this story? It was against the Braves. Maybe this IS the year the Braves finally relinquish first place, after all.