Archive: May 26th, 2006

Game 47: Loss

Marlins 5 Mets 1

It’s a game against the Marlins after a day off, so everyone is well-rested. Pedro Martinez is pitching for the Mets, and D-Train is NOT pitching for the Marlins; they’re throwing some schlub rookie who was promoted from the bullpen to stop a gap. You figure it’s an easy win, right?

Hold on, let me add that Pedro pitches another brilliant 7-inning outing, striking out ten and allowing only two runs. You’re still wondering what is there to be concerned about, right?

Well, um, the Mets batters apparently forgot to hit. They managed only two hits in nine innings against Josh Johnson, some guy named Kensing, and the Bayonne Bullet, Joe Borowski.

There isn’t much more to say, or contemplate. The Mets lost to a Triple-A team, on a night their ace threw seven awesome innings.