Archive: November 12th, 2007

Todd Jones Off the Market

A day before entering the “no holds barred” free-agent market, Todd Jones re-signed with the Tigers for one year, $7M. The Tigers became very desperate about their late-inning relief after Joel Zumaya hurt his shoulder moving boxes, an injury which will put him out of action until at least June 2008.

Doubtful that Jones would have been a target of the Mets, but it makes the relief market that much more sparse and relievers in even more demand.

Jacque Jones Dealt

In another Tiger transaction, the Cubs traded outfielder Jacque Jones to Detroit in return for Omar Infante. Strange move, in my ignorant opinion. Jones *might* have been the type of the outfielder the Mets would covet if they choose to trade Lastings Milledge for pitching — a righthanded veteran bat who would not require a long-term commitment.


Posada Wants to Be a Yankee

Ho-hum … Jorge Posada told reporters that he wants to be a Yankee:

“My first priority is the Yankees,” the five-time All-Star catcher told reporters Sunday at halftime of the New York Knicks’ game against the Miami Heat. “I would like to stay with the Yankees. My heart is with the Yankees, so hopefully we can get something done.”

OK, Jorge, that’s great. So then, what’s the holdup? If you want so badly to remain in pinstripes, why are you jerking them around? Why are you pretending to be interested in going crosstown to play in Queens? Oh, is it about the money? But according to your comments, it’s NOT about the money — unless, of course, your heart is for sale.

We’ve heard similar quotes from players before — all too recently in fact. For instance, Tom Glavine. Glavine’s “heart” was with Atlanta in the winter following the 2002 season. And after the 2006 season. And it appears to still be the case now. We’re tired of it from Tom, and bid him good riddance as he runs back to the Braves. Home is where the heart is. Flushing is where the money is.

If Jorge Posada is sincere about his heart being with the Yankees, we certainly hope that he paid close attention to the Tom Glavine Story. Glavine used the Mets as a negotiating ploy as well, back in 2002, thinking that the Braves would blink and give him the money he thought he deserved. But GM John Schuerholz didn’t blink, and Glavine was “stuck” with the millions of dollars promised by the Mets. That is, unless he wanted to crawl back to Atlanta with his tail between his legs, saying “I was only kidding!”

And this isn’t my view of what happened — it’s documented fact from Schuerholz’s book (OK, I took some liberty in the translation of the truth).

At this point, it appears as though Jorge Posada will be re-signing with his beloved Yankees. It’s probably for the best. Mets fans aren’t interested in players who would rather be playing for someone else.