Archive: November 18th, 2007

10 Reasons the Yorvit Torrealba Deal Fell Through

1. Yorvit re-injured his shoulder in the midst of signing his name on the contract.

2. Ramon Castro was upset about his backup making more money in one year than he would be making in two.

3. Turns out he CAN’T speak Spanish, and only comprehends a bit of “spanglish”.

4. Mets officials were “paid a visit” by some “old neighborhood friends” of Paul LoDuca.

5. Mets secretary couldn’t get “Torrealba” spelled correctly on the paperwork.

6. Minaya assistants reported vicious backlash by fans and pundits in the blogosphere.

7. Yorvit made an undisclosed anti-semitic comment to Fred Wilpon.

8. Yorvit was doing more than “lifting weights” in an effort to become a better hitter during the 2005-2006 offseason.

9. Mets are on the cusp of making Johan Santana deal — and Joe Mauer is a “throw in”.

10. Wilpons concerned about rumors that Yorvit was love child of Joe Torre and Jessica Alba.