Archive: March 1st, 2008

Chat with Ron Darling

Matt Cerrone mentioned that when he arrived in Port St. Lucie, he spotted Ron Darling next to him while waiting at a traffic light. Matt didn’t gesture or say hello, possibly because Darling would have no idea who he was — particularly at a traffic light.

Well I can say with full confidence that Ron Darling had NO IDEA who I was, nor had he heard of MetsToday, when I brazenly introduced myself to him a few hours earlier that morning at the Tradition Field complex. In fact, he even refused a picture, but graciously offered to sign anything.

His exact words:

“I’ll sign anything, but no pictures, please …”

Good thing I asked … the last thing I want to do is get on Ron’s bad side.

He was nice enough to pretend he cared about my blogging — seriously, he was very polite. FYI his hand felt like a bear paw when I shook it, and I’m a decent-sized guy with big hands myself.

So, sorry folks … no “after” picture of Ron just yet.


The Inner Sanctum

Oh, I also snuck into the “coaches conference room”. I was accosted by security but not before getting a few shots, including the whiteboard (don’t show the Phillies!).

Mets coaches conference room in Port St. Lucie

The whiteboard :

Mets Spring Training whiteboard

Somewhere on there it says “see for scouting reports”.


A Word with Damion Easley

Some MetsToday readers suggested I steal credentials and scam my way into a press conference. Well, I did get into the official press room and had an exclusive interview with Damion Easley. (OK, two minutes of groveling isn’t exactly an “interview”).

Damion wanted to know why I’m hating on him so much, and told me his bat isn’t that slow. From here on he’s my favorite Met and I’ll only have glowing words for Mr. Easley.

Damion Easley with Joe Janish

Easley made me feel even worse by turning out to be an incredibly nice guy. Thanks Damion!


ST vs. Dodgers: Win

Mets 1 Dodgers 0

Brady Clark was the hero, winning the game in dramatic style by getting in the way of a pitch with the bases loaded to force in the winning run.

Matt “The Windmill” Wise pitched one inning to earn the victory.

Actually, the real hero was Ezequiel Carrera, who entered the game to play leftfield and made an Endy-like, game-saving catch in the 8th to keep the Dodgers from scoring. The table was set for Carrera to win the ballgame when he came to bat with one out and runners on second and third in the ninth, but walked.