Archive: March 2nd, 2008

Ruben Gotay Out

Upon returning from Florida, the first news I heard was that Ruben Gotay injured his ankle sliding into home plate during Sunday’s game against the Dodgers in Vero Beach.

I also heard that Brant Rustich has been shut down, but can’t confirm beyond what’s been posted on MetsProspectus.

So, in addition to Gotay and Rustich, we have Ryan Church out for a couple weeks with a concussion, El Duque out with assorted issues, Carlos Delgado day to day with a hip ailment, Endy Chavez hobbling on a bad ankle, Jose Valentin and Damion Easley less than 100%, Carlos Beltran and Luis Castillo recovering from knee surgeries, Brian Schneider with “sore legs”, Tony Armas Jr. still trying to enter the country, and Olmedo Saenz hiding behind a water cooler.

Did I miss anyone?

This is a big blow to Gotay, who got off to a good start in his fight to win the 25th spot on the roster. He suffered a sprained ankle, and it’s not known how long he’ll be out.


Larry Bowa Concedes

You may have read on Hot Foot that Larry Bowa was prepared to spit on the new rule that all MLB base coaches were required to wear a helmet — a rule created after minor league coach Mike Coolbaugh died from a line drive to his head last season.

Bowa refused to wear a helmet in LA’s opening spring training game, saying,

“I’ll really make a joke out of it. I’m willing to write out a check for whatever the fine is for every game,” Bowa said. “Whatever 162 games is, I’ll write out a check for it.”

However, in yesterday’s game at Port St. Lucie, it appears Bowa has had a change of heart:

Larry Bowa coaches third base wearing a helmet

There’s still time for Bowa to win this year’s “Gary Busey Award for Big-Mouthed Stupidity in Regard to Protective Headgear”.