Archive: March 7th, 2008

Outfield Options

On the Trade Block

Randy Winn

Winn’s been rumored to be coming east since last June. The hapless, rebuilding Giants have little use for him, and need to get something decent in return for him now while he still has value. A move to a pennant contender could rejuvenate Winn, a fine defender with an above-average bat.

Jay Payton / Aubrey Huff

Payton would be a decent stopgap. Huff has the big bat and ideal versatility. I’d take either right now, but at what cost? Remember the Orioles are rebuilding and want prospects in return.

May Be Available

Tampa Bay Outfielder

Pick one, they have about a hundred. And they need pitching — any pitching, any size or age — which is what the Mets have to offer. Johnny Gomes?

Jason Botts / Nelson Cruz

One of these two is not making the Rangers’ roster. There’s a possibility neither make it. Both are out of options

Brandon Inge / Marcus Thames

Both strike out far too frequently. Inge’s contract is too big for a reserve, and he’s entering his down years for a hitter not on PEDs. If it’s one or the other, give me Inge and his versatility … but please don’t trade anyone other than Jorge Sosa and/or Scott Schoeneweis.

Keep Dreaming

Xavier Nady / Jason Bay

Several pundits, including Ken Rosenthal, are suggesting that Xavier Nady would be a good fit back with the Mets. Yeah, no kidding. Albert Pujols and Roy Oswalt would be good fits, too, but we’re not getting them, either.

Several suitors asked for both Nady and Bay over the winter, but the Bucs didn’t deal either. Ironically, both were once the property of the Mets. The only way Nady comes back is if the Mets return Ollie Perez. Wouldn’t that be something? I don’t see the Mets trading any more of their dwindling prospects for Bay, either.

Matt Murton

I’d love to see him in Flushing, but don’t see a match with the Cubbies, who are making a serious effort at the postseason. They’d be silly to give him away without getting someone substantial.

Scrap Heap

Craig Wilson

Plays the outfield, 1B, and catcher. However he’s already injured, so he may not be able to help.

Kenny Lofton

Why do I keep hearing from people that they are “intrigued” with Lofton? He’s a leadoff batter who can hit from the left side and his main weapon is speed. The Mets need an RBI guy who hits from the right side.

Preston Wilson

Not the worst idea in the world, but don’t expect him to be the guy the Mets traded for Mike Piazza.

Reggie Sanders

If he’ll come on a minor-league deal with incentives, I say grab him — for no other reason than he’s a great good luck charm.

Shawn Green

Too late … he already retired. Funny though, how happy we’d be right now if he were in camp.

Barroid Bonds, Sammy Sosa

No thanks and no comment.

Who did I miss? Post below …


Trade Must Be Made

While I’m liking what Angel Pagan is doing, I’d be surprised if the Mets didn’t look outside the organization for a veteran outfielder — they’ve reached that stage of evolution where they’re not going to go forth with no-names at both outfield corners and possibly first base.

And based on what’s been happening lately, I think we’re all in agreement that the Mets will be extremely lucky to get 100 games out of Moises Alou, a big year out of Carlos Delgado, and an unprecedented season from Ryan Church. In fact, most felt that way BEFORE the rash of injuries.

After the Johan Santana trade, I posted that the key to the Mets was not Santana so much as Delgado. With Alou already scratched for the first month and a half of the season, there’s suddenly a big hole in the middle of the lineup. Add in the mysterious hip injury to Delgado — not to mention he’s coming off the worst year of his career — and it’s even more apparent that the Mets will need to find a big bopper to put behind Carlos Beltran. I’m sorry, but as much as love them, Angel Pagan nor Brady Clark are the answer. The news that the hobbling Jose Valentin is wearing a first baseman’s glove doesn’t make me tingle, either.

When Ryan Church came to New York, we figured his so-so offense would be fine in the 7th spot — assuming Delgado and Alou were around. Now we’re not sure about any of the three.