Archive: March 16th, 2008

Psychic: Pelfrey is Number 5 Starter

In an article in the Sunday New York Times, an astrologer claims that Mike Pelfrey (a Capricorn) should be the Mets #5 starter regardless of what happens with the health issues of Orlando Hernandez.

From the article, Pelfrey is described thusly:

He was an unmitigated disappointment last year, losing his first five decisions to prompt his demotion to Class AAA. After being recalled, he quickly lost two more games in July and finally recorded his first victory in September. It is written in the stars that 2008 will be a different story, Mallis said, because Jupiter, the planet of good fortune, is in Pelfrey’s first house.

“It’s like the Midas touch,” Mallis, a 48-year-old Virgo, said. “He’s in cycle now that’s marked by strength of mind, will and body. It’s like he is protected from accidents and harm.”

Personally, I hope Pelfrey can find an offspeed pitch in Jupiter — be it the planet or the Florida city.