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Mets Game 58: Win Over Giants

Mets 5 Giants 3

A nice win for the Mets, and a reassuring performance from John Maine.

The Mets jumped out to a three-run lead on Matt Cain in the initial inning, courtesy of a booming double by Carlos Beltran and an RBI single from Carlos Delgado that scored Jose Reyes, David Wright, and Beltran. They extended it to 5-1 in the fourth, when Cain walked John Maine with two outs and then allowed a tremendous homerun by Jose Reyes.

Meantime, Maine struggled, but got outs. As usual, his pitch count swelled with each inning, but he didn’t allow an earned run until the sixth. By the time he left the game, his line looked like this:

6 IP | 7 H | 2 R | 1 ER | 1 BB | 4 K | 107 pitches

Not a dominating outing, but certainly strong enough to win any day of the week.

Duaner Sanchez threw two innings of bridge relief, allowing one run, and Billy Wagner came on in the ninth to earn his 13th save.


While Carlos Delgado managed to swat an RBI single, his daily performance is making me ill. For one thing, the only reason he was able to get that single was because he was sitting on a fastball but was served a high change-up instead — and the difference in speed was a gift to Delgado’s slow bat. His effortless play in the field is so offensive that I’m dedicating an entire post on it, which will be published on Thursday morning.

Something glaring about Delgado: recently, he nearly always swings at the first pitch, regardless of the situation. If he doesn’t, then he definitely hacks at the second. Ted Williams used to say that first-ball hitters were usually .250 hitters. Well, maybe that’s what Delgado is gunning for (he’s currently around .230).

Jose Reyes let another ground ball go through his legs, but luckily made up for it with his two-run dinger. Still, his ten errors thus far this season is disconcerting.

Reyes was 3-for-4 on the offensive side, with a walk, two runs scored, two RBI, and his 19th stolen base. In other words, if he wasn’t in the lineup, the Mets probably lose this game.

Next Game

The Mets move on to San Diego to start a four-game series against the Padres. Mike Pelfrey goes against Josh Banks in a 10:05 pm EST start.


Billy Hall

The latest news is that Billy Hall is officially a “part-time player” for the Brewers and as such, he wants out of Milwaukee.

Would he be a good fit with the Mets?

On the one hand, he’s a righthanded hitter who has displayed power in the past, and he can play several positions. On the other hand, he strikes out once every three or four times he comes to the plate, and the fact he won’t be a “team player” and accept his demotion in Milwaukee is a bright red flag.

Who knows, though, he could be something of a spark. In a new environment, and on the biggest stage in the world, he might be more accepting of a part-time role. He’d certainly have a chip on his shoulder, eager to prove the Brewers wrong, and that is a major motivator for some players — it could cause him to play over his head, at least for a while (think: Richard Hidalgo).

A few problems, though. First, it looks like the Mets “spark” occurred last week. If this news came out ten days ago, I might be more interested in stirring up the pot. Second, the positions Hall plays are 3B, SS, 2B, and CF. Hall isn’t going to get many reps at SS and 3B, and with Damion Easley around to spell Luis Castillo, there isn’t room at 2B. That leaves left field, where Fernando Tatis is doing fairly well in Moises Alou’s absence. And if Alou ever comes back, Hall will be relegated to the bench.

Now, if he were able to play first base (he’s never played it before), THEN there might be some real value.

Oh, and then there’s that little problem of the Mets having no trading chips to speak of (my Aaron Heilman man-crush precludes me from including him in any deals).