Archive: August 20th, 2008

Mets Sign Another Reyes

Today the Mets bolstered their bullpen by signing free agent reliever Al Reyes, formerly of the Tampa Bay Rays — no doubt based on the scouting report by MetsToday’s own loyal reader “sincekindergarten”, who suggested Reyes a few days ago.

Signing Reyes makes great sense from every angle — and solidifies the Mets’ chance to finish the year with the more Reyeses on the roster than any other MLB team.

Seriously though, in Al Reyes you get not a great pitcher, but a decent pitcher who could benefit from the mystery of not pitching in the NL since 2005. His experience as a closer in the hard-hitting AL East certainly can’t hurt, either.

What can hurt, though, is his shoulder — he’s been on the DL twice this season with tendinitis issues. When he did pitch, he was inconsistent, sporting a 4.37 ERA in 26 games — though he did strike out 19 in 23 innings.

Is he the answer for the Mets’ closer job? Not likely, but if he’s healthy he might be able to get two or three outs in innings 6-8.

In related news, it’s been rumored that David Weathers, David Riske, Huston Street, Eric Gagne, and Jamie Walker have all cleared waivers.


Blogger: Joe Torre

Now I’ve seen everything.

Former Mets manager Joe Torre (I know he managed somewhere else, but can’t remember where) has a blog. And yet there isn’t one ad for Bigelow Tea.

Speaking of former Mets managers, what I’d really like to see is a blog from Davey Johnson, who as you might know is managing Mets pitcher Brandon Knight (among others) at the Olympics in Beijing.

Johnson is doing a fine job with Team USA, which most of us are happy to see — partly because we as Americans are rooting for our team, but also because it’s hard to be a Mets fan and not like Davey, who managed the Mets out of the basement and into one of their most glorious seasons.

Davey’s US team of no-names beat Japan in 11 innings to grab the third seed. However, that means their next opponent is second-seeded Cuba (South Korea is #1). Johnson is sending the team’s only amateur — San Diego State righty Stephen Strasburg to the hill against the Cubans on Friday. Game time is 6pm in China, 6am EST for the rest of us.