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Postseason Consideration

Johan Santana threw 125 pitches three days ago, and another 117 today (Saturday). If by chance the Mets find their way into the postseason, there is a chance their first playoff game will be on October 1st.

Some quick math (for me, counting IS math) tells us that October 1 is four days from today. That means that if Johan were to pitch, it would again be on short (three days’) rest. Otherwise, I imagine we’d see Mike Pelfrey starting the opener on regular (four days’) rest.

It’s also possible the first NLDS game would be on October 2nd, which would mean the Mets could safely start Pelfrey or Santana.

I know, I know, we don’t want to look beyond tomorrow … and a one-game playoff on Monday could throw everything off-kilter. Just trying to create a positive-minded discussion …


Mets Game 161: Win Over Marlins

Mets 2 Marlins 0

Jerry Manuel allowed Johan Santana to take the ball on short rest, but with one caveat: no more than 105 pitches.

So when Santana threw 104 pitches in his first eight shutout innings, Manuel had to let him out there to close it out.

Thank goodness he did.

Santana pitched the game of his life in the most important contest of the Mets’ 2008 season, ensuring that Sunday’s season finale would matter. Johan allowed just three hits and three walks, striking out 8, in earning his 16th win and second shutout of the season. He spent 117 pitches in the process.

Jose Reyes gave him the only run he needed in the first frame, after singling, stealing second, going to third on a single by #2 hitter Carlos Beltran, and scoring on a Carlos Delgado sac fly. The Mets scored again in the fourth when Ramon Martinez doubled in Daniel Murphy.

Next Game

The Mets finish their regular season against the Marlins on Sunday at 1:10 pm, weather permitting. Oliver Perez pitches on three days’ rest and a very short leash against Scott Olsen.


While You Wait

While you are waiting for the tarp to come off the field, you can listen to last night’s edition of “Live from Mickey Mantle’s“. There are two shows to download — in the first, Mark Healey and I interview Skip Shaw, the CEO of Mattingly Sports (yes, as in Don Mattingly) and in the second, we talk baseball like three guys “on the stoop” with Alex Belth of Bronx Banter.

You can also surf over to and twitter with me and other Mets fans about the Mets and today’s game.