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Mike Francesa: Stop While You’re Ahead

For most of Monday afternoon, Mike Francesa had well-placed criticism for the New York Mets. However, he was way off the mark in his analysis of David Wright vs. Carlos Beltran.

Francesa had this to say about Wright, who he sees as a guy who is “not clutch” and who cannot take the Mets to the playoffs:


Why Jerry Shouldn’t Come Back

Jerry Manuel is going to get a contract, and going to manage the Mets next season. Why, I’m not sure, though 99% of those who follow the Mets seem to think he’s some kind of a rainmaker. That said, I’ll speak for that one percent who did not drink the Kool-Aid, and who are seeing clearly.

He’s a Nice Guy
This is the reason Manuel is coming back — because he is a genuinely nice guy, and



Mets COO Jeff Wilpon believes the Mets were OVERachievers this year, if you can believe that. See this quote from ESPN:

“I think we underachieved last year and I think we overachieved this year,” said Mets chief operating officer Jeff Wilpon. “It’s nothing against our second baseman today — look who our second baseman was, look who our left fielder was, look who was in the bullpen. No Billy Wagner, no John Maine — you can go right down the list to what happened.”

In other words, Jeff Wilpon


Heart Ripped Out – Again

A loyal Mets fan emailed me with the question,

I’m wondering if the Wilpons are part Aztec–we’ve had our collective hearts ripped out of our chests two years running . . .

Not sure how to answer — I’m not much of an historian — so I did a little research and found this ancient Aztec rendition … and there DOES seem to be a resemblance …

Aztec Indian rips heart out of sacrificed human