Archive: October 27th, 2008

Hot Stove Preseason Predictions

The World Series is not yet over, but already there are a slew of mixed messages coming from the media in regard to the Mets.

For example, the Mets ARE after Manny, but the Mets are NOT after Manny.The Mets ARE after K-Rod, yet the Mets are NOT after K-Rod. Derek Lowe doesn’t want to play on the East Coast, Derek Lowe’s preference is to sign with Boston. Jake Peavy hates New York, Jake Peavy would agree to go to New York. The Mets will sign a closer, the Mets will trade for a closer, the Mets will fill the closer role from within. Luis Castillo will be traded, Luis Castillo is untradeable.

Welcome to the Hot Stove Preseason!

Here are my vague predictions:

1. The Mets will not get K-Rod, C.C. Sabathia, nor Ben Sheets, but will nonetheless overpay to bring in pitching.

2. The Mets will not have the goods to trade for Matt Holliday, Jake Peavy, Garrett Atkins, nor any other big-name star on the market.

3. The Mets will wind up unloading Luis Castillo for garbage, and eating most of his salary.

4. The Mets will either trade Aaron Heilman for garbage, or announce that he will compete for the closer role.

5. The Mets will fail to protect an MLB-ready position player, and lose him in the Rule 5 draft.

6. If they don’t trade Castillo and sign Orlando Hudson, the Mets will sign Ray Durham to compete with Castillo at 2B.

7. At least one former Expo will be signed as a free agent.

8. The Mets will make a trade with the Dodgers.

9. Brian Fuentes, K-Rod, and Oliver Perez will sign very late — within a few weeks of spring training.

10. If Ollie doesn’t sign with the Mets, he will sign with either the Yankees, Rangers, or a California team.

Please note, I take no responsibility whatsoever if any of these predictions ring true — or false. Most of them are based on pure guesswork. At least one or two have some “inside” substance behind them, but I refuse to say which ones.

More rumors coming soon !