Archive: November 6th, 2008

Braves in Lead for Peavy, Asking for Olsen, Ludwick

According to Scott Miller at, the Atlanta Braves are the frontrunners for Padres ace pitcher Jake Peavy.

Word on the street is that the Braves are willing to part with top centerfield prospect Gorkys Hernandez — a Carlos Gomez-type guy whom Atlanta picked up in last year’s Edgar Renteria deal with the Tigers. Imagine if the Braves were able to turn Andy Marte (the man they traded to Boston for Renteria) into Jair Jurrjens and Jake Peavy? Miller claims the Braves are offering shortstop Yunel Escobar as well — something I find hard to believe. Peavy supposedly has a “strong interest” in joining the Braves. Yippee. I’m not liking the idea of an Atlanta rotation beginning with Peavy, Hudson, and Jurrjens. At least John Smoltz is gone through June — though I have a funny feeling he’ll be back with Braves during the second half of ’09.

If the Peavy deal falls through, Miller also reports that the Braves have inquired about Marlins pitcher Scott Olsen. That punk makes me angry; I hope he gets sent to an AL team.

In addition to pitching, the Braves are supposedly after St. Louis outfielder Ryan Ludwick, who is coming off a career year. The Cardinals are looking to sell high, and hoping to get Kelly Johnson in return. This tidbit comes from Atlanta Journal-Constitution writer David O’Brien.


Mike, Matt – Come to Weehawken

Enough of this he-said, he-said stuff going back and forth between the airwaves and blogosphere … Matt, Mike, settle this Ryan Church nonsense like MEN!

That’s right, the good old-fashioned way: with a duel !

Matt Cerrone Mike Francesa duel

It just so happens I live about a quarter mile from the location of the infamous Aaron Burr – Alexander Hamilton duel of 1804, and I’ll be happy to obtain the necessary permits and take care of whatever other details are necessary so you two can settle the score. There hasn’t been a duel here in 160 years so I’m sure the mayor will be happy to receive you (the town can use the revenues and associated PR).

So put on your wigs, hop on a ferry, and come on over to Weehawken to settle your dispute in a traditional affair of honor. Don’t forget your musket.