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Mets Game 2: Win Over Reds

Mets 9 Reds 7

This one was reminiscent of a 2008 ballgame: Mets jump ahead, Mike Pelfrey has control issues, loses the lead, gets it back, and barely gets through five, and the bullpen keeps us on the edge of our seat through the final out. If this were 2008, we’d expect the offense to go to sleep after the fifth. But this is 2009, and the offense did something that was rarely seen last year: they tacked on runs in the later innings.

Carlos Delgado gave the Mets a two-run lead with a prodigious blast in the top of the first, but Joey Votto did one better with a not-so-prodigious but more productive fly ball.

It took Pelfrey 43 pitches to get through the initial inning, an early signal that the bullpen would play a key role in the contest.

However the Mets came back with three runs in the fifth, when Delgado grounded out with the bases loaded and Carlos Beltran followed with a two-run single. Delgado added another run in the seventh, singling in David Wright. The two Carloses combined for 6 of the Mets’ 9 runs on the night.

Brian Schneider broke the game open in the seventh with a three-run double to make it easy on the bullpen, which was less than perfect.


Luis Castillo made several key defensive plays throughout the game, including a throw to home to cut down Joey Votto attempting to steal home on a pickoff attempt.

Big Pelf was falling behind with his sinker, which was running too hard and far in on the righties / away from the lefties. My guess is he was having trouble getting a good grip on the ball in the cold weather, and/or his thumb was a little too high and to the side of the ball at the release. When the thumb slides up, the ball will go flying in the opposite direction. Cold, slightly humid weather can make the ball feel slick and cause that to happen.

Bobby Parnell started off the sixth with two quick outs, then walked the next two batters. He was saved by Darnell McDonald, who showed why he spent 11 years in the minors by swinging at the first pitch (out of the strike zone) following a four-pitch walk. McDonald fell behind 0-2 and grounded out weakly to end the almost-rally. Parnell was hitting 94-95 MPH on the radar gun with his fastball, but was unable to spot the slider in the strike zone.

Pedro Feliciano and J.J. Putz gave up a run each in the 7th and 8th, which was OK since the Mets had a significant lead. However, Francisco “Don’t Call Me K-Rod” Rodriguez made things interesting in the ninth, giving up another run(wow it sure felt like he did) loading the bases with one out before retiring the side on a strikeout and a long fly ball to the warning track. Get used to this, Mets fans — Frankie was famous for these thrillers in Hollywood.

Nine walks by Mets pitchers in this game. That’s too many, for those who aren’t sure.

K-Rod threw 30 pitches; is he available to close on Thursday afternoon?

Next Mets Game

The Mets and Reds do it again in an early afternoon game tomorrow at 12:30 PM EST. Oliver Perez goes against Bronson Arroyo. Arroyo had been suffering from carpal tunnel syndrome, but reportedly is OK after a cortisone shot. Too much guitar playing?


Home Plate Seats for Sale 50 Percent Off

Bernie Madoff tickets view from behind home plate at the Mets Citi FieldIf Bernie made off with your money, you still have a chance to make off with his tickets.

The estate of Bernie Madoff is making available, the highly coveted “Delta Club Platinum” digs resting directly behind home plate — at 50% off the face value. These tickets and other interesting items will be auctioned off on eBay, according to the Madoff Trustee Site (which may or may not be legit, but does it matter? Even at half off, I can’t afford those tickets!).

According to documents on that site, the ORIGINAL Madoff tickets — Delta Club Platinum, Section 16, Row 2, Seats 5 and 6 — which have a face value of $80,190.00, are NOT the ones that will go up for sale. Instead, the Estate and the Mets arranged to offer seats in the less-expensive Delta Club Gold section, face value of $60,750.00 (also included: Delta SkyClub access and a parking pass).

Wow, that $20,000 difference sealed the deal for me … where do I bid?

Interestingly, the higher-priced tickets, if sold by the Estate, would not include the ability to buy postseason tickets — apparently neither that right, nor the right to renew, could legally be transferred. But since the Mets are now involved, the Gold seats will come with the rights to purchase playoff tickets, and the option to renew the seats for 2010 and beyond.

The auction will be held on eBay, and the opening bid for the tickets will be one-half the face value, presumably around thirty grand.

Now, if you’re like me and can’t convince your wife to sell your home to put in a bid, you still have the option to buy single-game tickets for the month of April, through an online broker yet to be determined. So all you have to do now is convince your spouse to sell the car (luckily, the number 7 train still goes to the ballpark).

Hat tip to Eli from Brooklyn of Mets Underground for unearthing the “official” site.

By chance if you purchase these tickets as a result of finding out about their availability through this site, I’d appreciate you taking me along to a game or two as a thank-you.