Archive: April 14th, 2009

Phillips Spills Beans on Madoff Relationship

How close were the Wilpons and Bernie Madoff? Just ask former Mets GM Steve Phillips, who had this to say last night on ESPN:

“I heard Bernie Madoff’s name once a week every week for 13 years,” said Phillips, who worked in the Mets front office from 1990 to 2003, the last six as general manager. “He was that close of friends and had a relationship with the Wilpons.”

Again: “once a week every week for 13 years”. Ouch.

We already heard that Fred and Bernie were trusted friends, as are their sons, who were high school chums. But we were assured that Madoff’s Ponzi scheme had little effect on the running of the Mets.

But, how could that be possible, when Steve Phillips — a man who was most assuredly on the baseball side of the business — constantly heard Madoff’s name bandied about?


Citi Field Firsts

It was not the most auspicious start for a new ballpark — at least, not for the home team — but the list of “firsts” has already begun. Print this out and keep it handy for future trivia buff gatherings.

First Pitch: Mike Pelfrey

First Homerun: Jody Gerut (also first hit, first run, and first RBI)

First Mets Homerun: David Wright

First Mets Hit: David Wright (double)

First Mets Run: Brian Schneider

First Mets RBI: Luis Castillo

First Double: David Wright

First Triple: ** still waiting **

First Strikeout: Nick Hundley, by Mike Pelfrey

First Walk: Chase Headley, by Mike Pelfrey

First Pinch-Hitter: Gary Sheffield

First Pinch-Hit: Jeremy Reed

First Balk: Pedro Feliciano

First Wild Pitch: J.J. Putz

First Error: Ryan Church

First Win: Edward Mujica, Padres

First Save: Heath Bell

First Hold: (tie) Edwin Moreno, Duaner Sanchez

First Loss: Brian Stokes, Mets

First Drunken Guest in the Broadcast Booth: Tom Seaver

First Player Booed: Heath Bell

First Player to Receive Standing Ovation: Danny Murphy (for catching a routine fly ball)

First Fall for No Apparent Reason: Mike Pelfrey

First Bleeding Heart Liberal Narcissistic Celebrity Interview by Kevin Burkhardt: Tim Robbins

First Bad Shea Stadium Memory Retold by a Bleeding Heart Liberal Narcissistic Celebrity: Tim Robbins

First animal to set foot on the field: Feline

First Fans to Sit in Bernie Madoff’s Seats: “Kurt” and son “Mike”