Archive: June 27th, 2009

Scoreboard Watching

manuel-ghandi-smJerry Manuel’s “positive” spin on the 9-1 loss to the Yankees on Friday night:

“I’m satisfied that everybody else in the division lost. It’s scoreboard-watching for us because we’re trying to survive.”

Scoreboard watching in June, eh? Just “trying to survive”, huh? Whatever …

Every day this team gets closer and closer to first place, and yet Manuel continues to tell the world how terrible his team is, presumably because of all the injuries. (News flash: other MLB teams have lost players to the DL as well!)

And so goes the Jerry Manuel for NL Manager of the Year Jedi Mind Trick Hype Machine. Keep telling everyone what a challenge it is to win with the current roster, and you’ll look like a genius if your team finds its way to any kind of success.

Funny, this same Mets team was good enough to score eleven runs a few days ago, and good enough to beat a red-hot, NL Central-leading Cardinals three out of four. But I guess those achievements were the result of luck mixed with managerial wizardry not commonly found in this galaxy.