Archive: July 5th, 2009

Mets Game 81: Loss to Phillies

Phillies 2 Mets 0

Sweepstakes are great, especially if you win. Sweeps week is cool. The book series “Sweep” is supposedly entertaining, particularly if you’re into witches. Hiring a chimney sweeper is a fine idea.

Getting swept in Philadelphia, however, is not so wonderful.

Johan Santana was very good, but not good enough. He allowed only three hits in seven innings of work — as did opposing pitcher Joe Blanton. However, two of the three hits Santana allowed were solo homers, while two of the three hits Blanton allowed were to Luis Castillo.


Nothing. I have nothing. I’m clean out of thoughts, ideas, analysis. This team stinks, plain and simple.

The Mets are now 39-42, and have fallen to third place, in a tie with the Braves, four games behind the leading Phillies and three behind the second-place Marlins.

Jerry Manuel said this sweep was not demoralizing. Perhaps because the Mets have already been demoralized, and cannot be demoralized any further?

OK, I’ve got one thought. Did you notice anything about the first-place Phillies, in particular something that had nothing to do with their offense? (Hint: it is in regard to their defense.) Compare that “thing” to that “thing” the Mets do when they’re not up at the plate hitting (or, attempting to hit). You know, when they’re all spread out around the ballfield, and wearing leather gloves. It seems — to me, anyway — that the Phillies react differently to that little white sphere moving around the park. Am I right?

Next Mets Game

We fans have Monday off; hopefully the indigestion will ease as a result. The Mets start the second half of their 162-game season on Tuesday in Flushing against Manny Ramirez and the Dodgers. Mike Pelfrey throws the first pitch at 7:10 PM. Clayton Kershaw starts for LA.