Archive: July 6th, 2009

Manuel On Demoralizing

manuel-ghandi-smIn our latest episode of “Manuel Being Manuel”, Mets manager Jerry Manuel had this response when asked if the most recent loss to the Phillies could be termed “demoralizing” :

“No, it’s not demoralizing. I think when you start to see errors, people not laying down bunts, those types of things, then there’s a reason to be concerned or discouraged.”

And what exactly is it that you’re seeing through those spectacles of yours? Perhaps it’s time for a new prescription.


Yankees Manage Adversity, Mets Don’t

Peter Abraham explains how the Yankees were able to wade through adversity earlier this season while the Mets keep coming up with excuses.

USAToday spotlights Wally Backman’s road back to an MLB managing job.

It doesn’t just seem like Mets pitchers give up a lot of hits and walks to opposing pitchers … JF at I Hate the Mets shows us the proof.

Brooklyn Met Fan, like me, grew up idolizing John Stearns. So he knows of what he speaks when he suggests this year’s Mets are the worst ever.

I.M. Forme found some nice new hats for Mets fans, and calls out Omar Minaya for lack of effort this past offseason.

It’s Mets for Me also found this video taken by a “person familiar with the situation” in the Mets’ international scouting department: