Archive: September 14th, 2009

Laughing to the Bank

Phil Hoops liked hearing Bobby Ojeda verbally slap the Mets – particularly in regard to fundamentals.

David Cohen of The Good Phight shows how the additions of Cliff Lee and Pedro Martinez are proving to be difference-makers for the Phillies..

Matthew Artus reminds us that not all of the big spenders are dominating this year.

Speaking of money, here is what Jerry Manuel is doing on his way to the bank:
(hat tip to Bayonne Mets Fan)


Mets Mathematically Eliminated

champagne-popWith their two losses to the Phillies on Sunday night, the Mets fell 20 games behind the NL East-leading Phillies and 19 games behind the Wild Card-leading Colorado Rockies.

Since the Mets have 18 games left to play, I’m going to assume these numbers mean the Mets have been officially, mathematically eliminated from the postseason.

So at this point, there is absolutely no chance that the Mets can play “meaningful games” for the remainder of September. Even if they win their final 18 games, they’ll still be a game short of the playoffs.

I know, I know — Jerry Manuel threw in the towel in mid-June. Most of the rest of us conceded the season in July. But now it’s official.

I can taste the Champagne … and it’s a bad vintage.