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Octavio Dotel Would Like to Pitch for the Mets

dotel-metsMLBTradeRumors picked up this tidbit from the Chicago Sun-Times:

Octavio Dotel said he approached the club about his immediate future and a contract extension last month and was told he wasn’t in the plans. The reliever at least appreciated the Sox being upfront with him. As he turns his attention to free agency, New York is atop his wish list. The Mets are his first choice and the Yankees second.

Well, it would be a few years too late, but, heck, he’d slot right in as the top middle reliever on the Mets right now.

Though Dotel projects as a Type A free agent, that’s not a huge issue for the Mets. Since the team will finish as one of the worst 15 teams in MLB, they won’t surrender a #1 draft pick if they sign a Type A — though they will lose their #2 pick.

In 61 games this year, the 35-year-old reliever has a 3.36 ERA and 1.46 WHIP with 74 Ks in 61 IP.


More Mess News

Oh, did I misspell “Mets” in the headline? Sorry, I get the words confused when discussing the baseball club in Flushing.

As if the last ten games of the season aren’t dragging enough …

According to Mack’s Mets, Tobi Stoner has ticked off his teammates, who are offended by his “cocky attitude” and inability to adhere to unwritten rules that apply to MLB rookies — to the point where Francisco Rodriguez (who is not cocky?) instructed Stoner to perform an impossible act on himself. Hmm … is Stoner really “cocky”, or simply “German“?.

Mack suggests that Stoner’s failure to make nice with his teammates is the reason he hasn’t seen much time on the mound lately. Maybe, though his mediocre stuff and two homers allowed in nine innings aren’t helping, either.

In other news involving Mets rookies, Fernando Martinez was mugged in an amusement park in the Dominican Republic. According to the Latino newspaper Diario Libre via Adam Rubin:

His wallet reportedly was stolen “with US$2,000, four credit cards from American banks and some important documents like his Dominican ID. It was stolen while he was in a party with some relatives in an amusement center near his native town, Rio San Juan, in the north of the Dominican Republic. The name of the place where the incident took place is Drink Together, on the road Rio San Juan-Cabrera. He called to the program La Opcion de la Manana 93.3 FM (The Option of the Morning) to confirm the fact and he promised a reward to whomever gets him the documents.”

The credit cards can be canceled, and the Dominican ID shouldn’t be too difficult to replace (and he can probably get one that makes him 16 again), but let’s hope he didn’t lose his passport or work visa — otherwise he may not get them back in time for spring training.

(Hat tip to loyal MetsToday reader “Walnutz” for these links)

How low have the Mets sunk? Someone is trying to make his feet more popular than the Mets. He may be succeeding.