Archive: October 1st, 2009

FOUND: Nick Evans

nick-evans-swingA year ago Daniel Murphy had a partner in crime — a righthanded-hitting version of an infielder-turned-outfielder with a simlarly promising bat, questionable glove, hustling approach, and fresh off a hitting streak in AA. The two rookies gave the team a mild spark at the tail end of the season, with Murphy’s Wade Boggs imitation overshadowing the lesser but still promising performance of his B-Mets teammate. There was much excitement surrounding the two young men, as they exemplified the best of the fruits sown from the farm known as the Mets minor league system — a system that was gravely underestimated by the pundits (according to Farmer Minaya).

It’s OK if you don’t remember the name of Murphy’s sidekick, as it’s a simple, common, unassuming name — one that sounds like it came out of a Hardy Boys mystery or a Hemingway novel. If you forget his name, don’t fret — it appears his own manager forgot it as well, since he hasn’t written it onto a lineup card for the last three weeks.

It turns out that the young man was forgotten, but not gone. Despite rumors to the contrary, Nick Evans has been with the Mets this entire time. But he hasn’t been seen in ballgames because in addition to his manager forgetting his name,


Newsflash: Jose Reyes Has Torn Hamstring

No, this isn’t regurgitated news from months ago. This is a NEW tear in the back of his leg.

From The New York Times:

Before the game, the Mets said that Reyes, out since May, had torn the hamstring itself while working out Tuesday. He had already sustained a torn hamstring tendon, for which surgery appeared increasingly likely. The new injury further complicates the situation and raises questions about whether Reyes will be ready to participate when spring training begins in February. The Mets disclosed the new information after Reyes was examined Wednesday at the Hospital for Special Surgery in Manhattan.

If you remember, Jose Reyes was removed from a game on May 20th and listed as day-to-day. At the time I made the outlandish suggestion that Reyes could be out for the year (one person said the headline was “irresponsible”), and wondered if the Mets kept Reyes off the DL to keep the revenues flowing. Me and my crazy conspiracy theories.

Though, I must admit I thought for sure it would be his achilles tendon and not the hammy that would be Jose’s, um, achilles heel. As it turned out, the achilles was fine — it was more the complete and utter mismanagement of his recovery that did him in.