Archive: October 18th, 2009

Holliday List Includes Mets

matt-holliday-cardsAccording to Ken Davidoff, free-agent-to-be Matt Holliday’s first two choices are the Yankees and Mets.

Like Jason Marquis, Holliday is an intelligent man.

It’s no surprise that the New York Yankees tops his list. They do, after all, have the deepest pockets in MLB — and will have over thirty million dollars coming off the books this winter when the contracts of Hideki Matsui, Johnny Damon, Xavier Nady, and others expire. Assuming the Yankees allow all three of those individuals to walk, they’ll have a big hole in left field. Telling the world he’d like to fill that hole immediately gets the Red Sox involved in the bidding, driving up his price further.

With the Mets it’s a similar situation. Does Holliday really want to play in Flushing, or


2009 Analysis: Francisco Rodriguez

krod-75After Francisco Rodriguez set an all-time record for saves in a season on the Left Coast, he went cross-country to the Right Coast to cash in with a 3-year, $37M contract from the very desperate New York Mets — desperate because they had suffered their second consecutive collapse in the final days of the season, and all fingers pointed to ineffective relief pitching as the culprit. Surely, the best closer in baseball could make the Mets problems go away.

As fate would have it,


2009 Analysis: J.J. Putz

jjputz-sadWhen the Mets signed Francisco Rodriguez to be their 2009 closer, it was a move that had to be made to get their bullpen back to where it was before Billy Wagner blew out his elbow. But when they traded for J.J. Putz, it signified the Mets were committed to ensuring that the bullpen could not be blamed for falling short of the team’s expectations — with Putz in place as the linchpin.

It was a nice idea, and just the “splash” needed to ease the worries of potential season-ticket buyers.

But there was one problem with the plan: