Archive: October 25th, 2009

Beltran to Boston?

The buzz from the Boston Herald is that the Red Sox might consider calling the Mets about Carlos Beltran this winter, in the event that Jason Bay is not re-signed.

(Hat tip to Ed at MetsFever)

Note I stated “buzz” — not “rumor”, nor “report”. It’s pure speculation by the Herald’s columnist Michael Silverman. Still, I am curious as to what you the Mets fan thinks of such an idea.

Would you consider trading Carlos Beltran to the Red Sox? If so, what would you need to get in return? If not, why not?


2009 Analysis: Tobi Stoner

tobi-stoner-handstandThe photo to the left sort of sums up the season for Tobi Stoner, one that seemed destined for a storybook ending, but somehow fell short. You might say it was … upended.

Stoner began his journey to the big leagues in Lanstuhl, Germany — though, it quickly transferred to a small town in western Maryland, and proceeded through the relatively unknown Garrett College and a tiny liberal arts college called Davis & Elkins — where he was randomly discovered by a scout whose intention was to watch an opposing hitter.

“The scout had actually come to see the other team’s best hitter, but I struck him out.”

It was a case of right place, right time for the small-town, German-born boy, as Stoner pitched the game of his life and was drafted in the 16th round that June. As Stoner himself admits