Archive: March 15th, 2010

See the Suds Sink

If you haven’t yet seen, Kerel Cooper produced a 7-part series of preseason evaluations, videotaped on location at McFadden’s in NYC and featuring Dave Doyle of Mets Report and yours truly. You can see the entire series by clicking here or see each episode separately by clicking on the below links.

Should you choose to watch the videos in chronological order, you will see the mysterious sinking level of suds in the bottom left corner of the screen. Not sure how that happened … must have been the ghost of McFadden’s.

1. Grading the Offseason

2. Catchers, Castillo, and Murphy

3. Jose Reyes & David Wright

4. Outfield

5. Pitching

6. Prospects

7. 2010 Predictions