Archive: March 27th, 2010

A Tradition No More

If you haven’t yet heard, the Mets’ stadium in Port St. Lucie will no longer be called “Tradition Field”.

Turns out that the stadium’s naming rights were previously owned by a real estate development company based in Tradition (a town near PSL), and they’re having some financial difficulties. I KNOW as a rabid Mets fan and blogger I should have known that, and I DID know that, but somewhere along the way I kind of forgot — probably because “Tradition Field” doesn’t sound like a corporate-named ballpark, and has a nice ring to it. It also sounded similar to the old name of that other New York team’s spring training facility (Legends Field).

According to reports, the company that now owns the naming rights is, um, “Digital Domain Holdings” (hmm … sounds like a website name squatter). Not quite the ring of “Tradition Field”, but at least it will be very clear to all that the stadium is named for a corporate entity.

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