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Mets Game 39: Win Over Braves

Mets 3, Braves 2

It wasn’t pretty…

It wasn’t ugly…

It just kind of WAS… ya know?

The Mets topped the Braves 3-2, behind Mike Pelfrey, Rod Barajas, Chris Carter and a huge stolen base by Jose Reyes.The Braves were listless for the most part, but this is the kind of game the Mets have to win. And they did. Pretty cool, huh?

Pelfrey was every bit the workhorse the Mets need him to be, tossing 7 2/3 innings, scattering 7 hits and allowing 2 runs. Barajas had a 2-RBI double in the 2nd inning. Carter scored on the Barajas double and he also knocked in Jose Reyes on a groundout in the 6th inning. If Reyes hadn’t stolen third base, the Mets may never have scored their third run and the game may have continued in perpetuity – theoretically – or at least until Barajas batted again.

Random Notes: Gary Matthews Jr. is starting to remind me of Chick Gandil in Eight Men Out… You could hear Gary Cohen deflate when Matthews hit into a double play with runners on first and second in the top of the 7th… Speaking of Cohen, he REALLY wants Jeff Francoeur to hit a home run in Atlanta – so much so that he nearly fell off his seat when Francouer flied out to left field. Cohen then went on to describe Francoeur’s swing as a “lusty cut” (yikes)… Francisco Rodriguez’s windup and follow-through is circus-like and kinda scary. I’m not sure it’s a good thing when a pitcher consistently falls off the mound like he’s getting tossed off a merry-go-round at 50 mph. It certainly didn’t help his control any.

Next Mets Game

The Mets take on the Braves again tomorrow night at 7:10pm EDT. Johan Santana (3-2, 3.88) goes up against Kris Medlen (1-1, 2.35).

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Fitzgerald Pinch Hitting this Week

FYI, I will be in South America for business this week and will have sporadic access to the baseball and the internet. As such, John Fitzgerald will pinch-hit for me and keep you informed. I’m certain his performance off the bench will surpass what you’ve seen from the likes of Gary Matthews Jr. and Smithtown’s own Frank Catalanotto.

That said please continue to check in to MetsToday and chime in with your comments. Please be nice to John. Thanks.

If you’re curious as to my whereabouts, you can follow me on Twitter @joejanish.

I’ll be back in the USA on Saturday. What are the chances that Jerry Manuel and Dan Warthen are still employed when I get back?