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What Will Wally Backman Do? Watch SNY Tonight at 7pm

Kevin Burkhardt and Bobby Ojeda will call tonight’s Brooklyn Cyclones game on SNY. Coverage begins at 7pm and will include an in game interview with Cyclones manager Wally Backman. I hope they have some at the ready to bleep Wally, in case of a bad call by the umpires…

It will be Backman’s first time on SNY since “Playing for Peanuts” aired in 2008. Ironically, the last episode on SNY was the one with Wally’s epic ejection – the same video that has been making the rounds on the internet for the past week. The video is below, but be warned – THIS VIDEO IS NOT SAFE FOR WORK (NSFW).

Seriously, the language in this clip is bad. Really, bad. You’ve been warned.

By the way, DVDs can be purchased by clicking here. $5 from every DVD sale goes to MetsToday to pay for server costs and whatever else it takes for Joe to keep this site running.


June 21: Afternoon Mets Links

MetsToday – Should the Mets trade prospects for a starting pitcher? Joe Janish (he owns this blog, btw) weighs in.

MetsBlog – Matt Cerrone says the issue of the Mets playing poorly on the road is off the table. FWIW, the Mets can continue to beat up on bad teams on the road when they travel to Florida and Washington next week.

ESPN – Buster Olney reports the Mets like Fausto Carmona, but completing a deal will be difficult because of the option years in his contract.

Bleacher Report – Joseph Vasquez thinks the Mets should trade Jenrry Mejia for Cliff Lee.

River Ave. Blues – Joseph Pawlikowski says the Mets coaching staff practically gave away a double to Jorge Posada by overshifting. Not sure I agree with it, but the level of research is impressive, complete with screencaps of yesterday’s game. Check it out and see for yourself.

Faith and Fear in Flushing – Greg Prince digs up the Mets 1978 yearbook. Is that John Stearns? I’m asking because I really don’t know.

ESPN New York – A preview of the upcoming three-game series against the visiting Detroit Tigers.

And via Bisons TV, here is video of Buffalo 1B Mike Jacobs flattening Indianapolis catcher Luke Carlin during a the Bisons game on June 20:


June 21: Monday Morning Mets Links

MetsBlog – Matt Cerrone reports that the Mets are leading the NL Wild Card standings.

ESPN New York – Adam Rubin reports that Bobby Parnell will be recalled to replace Jenrry Mejia.

ESPN New York – Adam Rubin ALSO reports that the Mets may be close to shutting down John Maine.

OnTheBlack – Kerel Cooper bucks the emerging trend and makes the case for acquiring another starting pitcher. I guess Kerel hasn’t heard the news – Takahashi is the answer.

Brooklyn Met Fan – BMF is happy with the decision to send Jenrry Mejia down to Binghamton, but not so happy with yesterday’s loss.

The Daily Stache – Randy Shemanski doesn’t want the Mets to deal Mejia for Cliff Lee, or anyone else for that matter.

213 Miles From Shea – Numbers can be funny sometimes. For instance, numbers say the NL East is the best division in baseball. Really? I guess this week’s matchups against the Tigers and Twins could go a long way to proving or disproving this theory.

Rotoworld – Matthew Pouliot says the Mets may pass on Cliff Lee and opt instead for Edwin Jackson. This line is particularly frightening:

Perhaps he [Edwin Jackson] could be had for either Ruben Tejada or Reese Havens, plus a pitching prospect or two. Fausto Carmona and Kevin Millwood could also be fits.

Via ESPN New York, here are Mejia’s postgame comments regarding his new role as a starting pitcher in Double-A:


Tracking the John Maine Not-So-Magical Mystery Tour

It’s been quite a whirlwind of comments swirling around John Maine — from various sources.

Originally — meaning, back in March — he claimed he was “fine”, despite poor performance and an inability to break 88 MPH. There was a point where Jerry Manuel suggested — to the media — that Maine’s spot in the rotation was in jeopardy. After a meeting between the two, Maine claimed that throwing secondary pitches ruined his velocity, and would make a mechanical tweak and go back to his style of throwing almost all fastballs.

After a few bad games, it was discovered that his LEFT arm was bothering him — as opposed to the right one, which underwent surgery and was the limb responsible for the 10 MPH drop in velocity.

A few more bad starts later, Jerry Manuel removed Maine from a game after walking the leadoff batter. The two then exchanged heated words in the dugout. Afterward, pitching coach Dan Warthen called Maine a “habitual liar”.

Maine was placed on the DL, and recently rehabbed in the minors. Despite more poor performances, Maine again claimed himself fit, and there was some buzz that he wouldn’t be interested in returning to the club as a reliever — though, he publicly stated he’d be OK with pitching out of the bullpen.

This is where things start to get weird


Should Mets Clean the Farm for a Pitcher?

As you know, MetsToday welcomes feedback, commentary, questions, and opinions from you, the visitor. Usually the discussion takes place in the comments section, but sometimes a question comes up that doesn’t apply to a specific post. As a result, I do on occasion receive excellent questions via email, and try to answer them here whenever possible — for the benefit of everyone.

So, from the MetsToday mailbag is this question … er, demand … from “Nicky A”:

Joe, I demand you address the trade deadline and whether or not the Mets should go all in for a starting pitcher or pick up another part to the rotation. Shouldn’t it be acceptable to clean out the farm, sans Ike Davis, Mejia, for Danny Haren?

First off, thank you for the demand, Nicky. Lord knows I don’t have enough demands placed on me over the course of a day. Second, consider the trade deadline addressed as well as a letter to Santa — because if a frontline starting pitcher like Danny Haren suits up in the orange and blue in 2010, it will feel like Christmas to Mets fans.

In all seriousness, you pose an intriguing thought that nearly every Mets fan has at least entertained at one point or another this season. If the Mets keep their current hot streak going, and stay near or at the top of the NL East come the All-Star Break, should they mortgage the future for a shot at something special in the present?