Archive: August 9th, 2010

Omar Minaya’s Backward Plan

For several years, many pundits (including myself) have criticized Omar Minaya for his lack of a “Plan B”, or “backup plan”.

It turns out that we simply didn’t understand Minaya’s genius. He never had a “backup plan” because from the beginning he’s been working with a “backward plan”.


We have to go back far in time to explain — specifically, to June 12, 2003, when Steve Phillips was fired.

It was on that day that Jeff and Fred Wilpon announced a new direction for the organization.


Aug 9, 2010: Monday Mets Links – Bob Klapisch wants Wally Backman to replace Jerry Manuel… immediately.

Mets Gazette – Torre, Melvin or Backman? I’m always amazed how many Mets fans think Joe Torre is a competent manager. The Yankees don’t miss him and his mismanagement of his bullpen and rotation is positively Manuel-esque.

The Daily Stache – Kevin Kearns is unimpressed with the Mets alleged “youth movement” – a “movement” that consists of an overhyped former prospect and a light-hitting middle infielder with a nice glove.

MetsBlog – About that “youth movement”… F-Mart will be platooning with Jeff Francouer, but Francoeur will also play against some righties. In other words, F-Mart is the fourth outfielder, with benefits.

And here is video of OnTheBlack‘s Kerel Cooper answering the age old question, “Should the Mets trade Daniel Murphy?” Trade value? Danny Murphy? Really?