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John Delcos: Questions for 2011

NOTE: Following is an article by John Delcos, which was posted a few days ago on his own site “New York Mets Report“. The former Journal News Mets beat writer is also an occasional contributor here, and has chosen this particular piece to share with MetsToday readers. Please feel free to comment, and direct your questions to John.

Let’s face it, we’re down to miracles and hoping for historic comebacks now. The Mets lost with their ace the other night and find themselves 11 games behind Atlanta.

How many days before spring training?

As far as I’m concerned the next six weeks should be about laying the ground work for 2011, a time to find some answers. Here are the most important issues:


Friday Mets Links: Wally B or Bobby V? – Marty Noble thinks Wally Backman should be the Mets next manager. – Jeff Pearlman thinks the Mets are baseball’s worst franchise and Bobby Valentine should be the next manager.

No more links for today. This is the most important discussion in the Mets-o-sphere for the next 3 months. Both Noble and Pearlman make excellent points and the Mets would be better off with either manager. What do YOU think?