Archive: November 4th, 2010

Wally Knows Passion

Jon Zeringue, a former second-round pick of the Arizona Diamondbacks, explains Wally Backman’s passion for baseball and his players, comparing it to how a parent might protect his children.


Wally Knows the Double Switch

Wally Backman knows National League (i.e., true baseball) rules. And unlike some recent Mets managers, he already is well-versed on the head-scratching “double switch” — to the point where he schools the umpire on how it works.


Wally Knows Homerun Hitting

In the spirit of the old Nike commercials featuring Bo Jackson, I present to you a short series of “Wally Knows …” video clips demonstrating the baseball knowledge of Mets managerial candidate Wally Backman.

First up: Wally Knows Homerun Hitting … surprising, isn’t it, for someone who is supposedly a “small-ball, bunt-happy manager” ?


Melvin and Jauss Begin the Proceedings

According to the REAL Sandy Alderson on Twitter, the first two candidates to be interviewed for manager of the 2011 Mets are Bob Melvin and Dave Jauss.

Excuse me if my heart rate drops rather than races at the hearing of this news; I’m human, after all.

Remarkably, I have not been invited to participate in the evaluation proceedings — so I won’t have the benefit of the interview process. But, I’ll provide my analysis as best I can with the facts available to me.

Melvin, of course, is