Archive: November 18th, 2010

Bob Melvin Post-Interview

In case you missed it, this is Bob Melvin answering questions after his second interview with the Mets brass.

If there was going to be a movie made about Bob Melvin’s life, I think I would pick Edward Norton to play him. Right? That’s a compliment, by the way; Norton is one of my favorite actors.


Wally Knows How To Be a Champion

After berating and then mildly correcting / directing his club in a postgame meeting following a devastating playoff loss, Wally Backman shares with his team the secrets to winning championships.

By the way, as soon as I find appropriate and relevant video footage of the other three managerial candidates, I will post them here.


Wally Knows Intangibles

After Wally Backman cooled down from his postgame conniption, he calmed down enough to explain how fundamentals, intangibles, and manufacturing runs lead to wins.

NSFW – though the F-bombs are much fewer in volume compared to part one.


Wally Knows Postgame Meetings

He also knows “dog days” and fear, by the way. This is part one of three videos of Wally Backman addressing his South Georgia Peanuts team after they were crushed in a playoff game.

NSFW ! (that means, Not Suitable For the Workplace). Wally throws a record number of F-bombs in this video — but what else would you expect from a backwoods blue collar guy who never went to college? The Ivy League guys have a much more prolific assortment of adjectives, adverbs, and nouns to use in their presentations; either way, the message is the same.

From this meeting you will notice that Wally is very, very upset with this team. Yet, no tables were overturned, no chairs thrown, no shirts taken off, and no players strangled. It’s almost as if Wally was in complete control of his emotions, while passionately getting his point across.